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Heritage Heirloom 02 Poker


To get the ball rolling on  Baccy Pipes I ‘am listing the last couple of pipes I sent in to Steve at   rebornpipes

The first one is the poker I’am using as the header picture on Baccy Pipes ,

Heritage Heirloom 02 Poker

My latest addition to my American factory made poker collection is a Heritage Heirloom made by Kaywoodie. They were made during the 1960’s and production stopped in 1970. Heritage Heirlooms were Kaywoodie’s high end pipes headed up by an ex-Dunhill employee name Stephen Ogdon. Something like only 1 in over 300 pieces of briar was good enough to use in the Heritage Heirloom line. They used top of the line Para rubber on the stems and all briar was seasoned well, before being made into a pipe. Here is part of a brochure about it.

heritage2_zps0d4dc760Here is another part of the same brochure with the 02 poker shape shown.heritage4_zpsdc6295efI purchased the Heritage Heirloom from a fellow member of the Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum. The pictures I saw of it truly did not do it justice. When I got it in hand I was amazed at the excellent condition the pipe was in. Other than the stem being oxidized I could not see any issues at all with the pipe.Heritage3

Heritage4The pipe was barely smoked and still had raw briar showing in the bowl. It looks as though someone stated breaking in the pipe with quarter bowl increments and stopped after the second bowl.Heritage5

The pipe needed very little work. There was not heavy tar to clean out of the stem or shank so just a light swab with a pipe cleaner was all that was needed. I soaked the stem in OxyClean then scrubbed the top layer of oxidation with a green pad and wiped the bowl down with a cotton ball damp with Dawn soap and warm water. I wiped it dry with a clean paper towel.Heritage6I gave the stem a light sanding.Heritage7Afterwards I gave the pipe a good wipe with mineral oil and wiped it dry with a clean cloth for the next step of a light buff and wax.Heritage8Here is The finished pipe.Heritage9











I have smoked a full bowl out of it since I finished it and it’s a very fine smoking pipe that will only get better with some more seasoning and cake.Heritage20

10 thoughts on “Heritage Heirloom 02 Poker

  1. KILLER grain on this one!!!

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  2. What a beautiful pipe! The grain is fantastic! Great job on the cleanup, Troy.

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  3. WOW! That’s babies eat up with some beautiful grain. Very neat pipe Troy.

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  4. Those Heritage pipes are amazing! I just picked up an un-smoked Heritage Prince shape. I’ve had both antique and heirloom Heritage pipes and they are some of the best quality pipes I’ve ever seen.

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  5. That is one gorgeous pipe!

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