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LHS Purex Superfine #15 Poker Reurbish and Stem Repair.


I was sent this hard to find LHS poker as a gift from Fletch . He is a fellow member of the Dr.Grabow Collectors Forum ,

He picked up the pipe in a lot he acquired at the Kansas City pipe show not long back . He knew i was looking for a LHS Poker and was kind enough to think of me .

Upon arrival i was happy to see it was a larger poker at just a hair under two inches tall. The bowl was in very nice shape with just some minor dings and such . The stem needed some work though as a corner of it was missing from a previous owner chewing on it . The LHS bar emblem was missing on the stem also .

I knew fixed and cleaned this would be a really nice poker .

The pipe did not have much cake in it but the shank and stem was very dirty. In Fact the stinger was completely clogged up and stuck in the screw in tenon .
I gave the pipe the shank a good scrubbing and cleaning , sanded some of the cake out of bowl while i soaked the stem in 91% alcohol .

After the soak i gave the stem a good cleaning with brushes and pipe cleaners.

I then stuck the stem in warm water and Oxy Clean to remove oxidation .

While the stem was soaking in Oxy Clean i scrubbed the bowl lightly with a green pad and the same Oxy solution to remove dirt and grime .

After the soak in Oxy Clean the surface oxidation was scrubbed and removed with a green Scotch Brite pad.

The stem then went back for another soak in clean 91% Alcohol  and scrubbed again to get it as clean as possible for the repairs on it.

I then filed the area to repair  to ensure a good bond .

I mixed up a batch of carbon and ground vulcanite from a old stem to apply on the stem mixed with CA glue.

I then applied several layers then filed to shape after each layer building up to the desired shape as i went.

Rough filling and shaping done .

After sanding the file marks out of the stem,i applied three coats of white nail polish in the missing stem emblem .Letting it dry between coats and sanding off the access.

*tip* Do not use the applicator  that comes with the nail polish . On the other two coats i used a detail paint brush . It was a lot easier and less messy .

After the nail polish dried i applied a coat of CA glue over it to protect it and help fill in the void .

Gave the bowl a sanding with 1200  then worked my way up to 2500 grit and mineral oil to get out most of dings but not enough to get into raw briar . I also cleaned the metal collar on the shank and female threads with steel wool.

Time to do the final sanding on the stem ,give the stinger and collar a rub down with steel wool . After that move on to the buffer with the pipe.

Finished pipe after buff and wax.

The pipe is also shape stamped (15) on the bottom of the shank

The pipe smokes excellent!!! (with stinger removed ).

I will enjoy it for a long time to come . Thank you for the gift Fletch .

17 thoughts on “LHS Purex Superfine #15 Poker Reurbish and Stem Repair.

  1. Nicely done Troy ! In my box of stems I have a Cumberland stem with that same bar and an aluminum screw in tenon. Now I know what is may be from– I ain’t that familiar with LHS pipes.

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  2. Thanks Ed .
    If its a cumberland then its most likely for a LHS Park lane . I have two Park Lanes now that are waiting to get the treatment and both have the bar emblem and cumberland stems


  3. Nice work on that stem, Troy! Your fill mix is very similar to mine. I use activated charcoal powder & CA glue. Will have to try adding vulcanite powder next time. You’ve got yourself a great poker there!

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    • Thank you .
      I find sometimes straight carbon can have a slightly darker or different looking appearance on some repairs,not always but sometimes .Mixing vulcanite in the carbon seems to help it blend in better.


  4. Great work, Troy! That Superfine definitely is!

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  5. Beautiful pipe, Troy. Nice save. You make that stem repair look so easy and flawless. I gotta try that someday.

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    • Thank you Wayne .
      Its not that hard just tedious . I need to pick up some better files . Mine weren’t that good when i got them and now they are starting to get worn .


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  7. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Troy started a Blog on refurbishing. This is one of his posts and it is well done. If you enjoy his work then you will want to follow this blog as well. Good job Troy.

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  8. Thank you Steve and thank you for sharing this on rebornpipes .


  9. Excellent stem repair. Looks invisible in the photos. The added vulcanite powder may be the reason. Will have to give it a try.

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  10. Thanks Al
    I hope my tip of the added vulcanite powder helps you with your stem repair’s in the future .


  11. Great work Troy, that turned out beautifully!


  12. Excellent repair and restoration. Nice write up.

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