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Showcasing a couple of my old Marxman’s


This Sunday i thought i would break out a couple of my old Marxman’s and smoke them . I figured that since i had them out i would take some pictures and share them.

This apple was my first Marxman . I picked it up off Ebay and instantly fell in love with its looks . It was very lightly smoked and all original . Luckily for me the seller listed it under Markman instead of Marxman so i won the bid with little effort . All i did was give it a light cleaning and wax to preserve it .

It has taken on a darker, warmer color and patina from smoking since i acquired it .

I can honestly say its the best smoking apple shape i have .

The only stamping on the pipe is the Marxman logo with imported brair under it .

The Marxman booklet is pretty interesting i think , so  here is a few pages out of it .

For Men of ACTION !!

Marxman used to package its own brand tobacco.

Some neat pictures of the Marxman employees at work in the factory

On the back a money back guarantee.

What really caught my eye in the booklet was this page .

I had just started collecting American made factory pokers and up in the right corner low and behold there was a poker . I did not think Marxman made pokers because i had never seen one .
Well the search was on for one ! I looked and looked and only found one picture and reference on one web page , a rusticated Deluxe . That was it . So i was a little disheartened and i figured this might take some time .

Well luck was with me , In a short time i found  a obscure  thrift/antique store online located in Los Angeles  that had a Deluxe Marxman poker for sale . It was more price wise that i usually spend on a estate pipe but i decided not to be cheap and buy it as i did not know when i would see another .It was all original and lightly smoked ,a perfect example .

The seller did tell me that there was a good chance the pipe was owned by actor Glenn Ford ( a well known pipe smoker and collector ). She could not promise it but the person’s estate sale ( he was a pipe smoker as well ) she got it from used to work for Glenn Ford  on his property as a grounds keeper or some such . Glenn Ford  had  given him a pipe from time to time over the years and this might have been one of them . There is no way to prove it other than finding a picture of him ( Glenn Ford ) smoking this exact pipe . I have been a Glenn Ford fan for many years and enjoy watching his old movies so it is a pleasant thought that he may have owned it , but i take that information with a grain of salt .
When it arrived  i was very pleased with it . A light cleaning and wax was all it needed . It also came with original box and a plain pipe sock  .

Now let me tell you this is one big hunk of briar .The bowl is almost 2 1/4 inches tall , 1 1/2 wide with a 1 inch diameter  chamber . It provides a very long smoke .
It has the Marxman logo on one side with Deluxe stamped on other

This rare old poker has become one of my pride and joy’s of my pipe collection .

I have seen one other for sale online since my purchase of this one and it was a smooth like mine . The stem had been replaced with a horrible looking silver stem and the stamping’s were all but gone from over buffing .

Im going to smoke and enjoy these old American classics today and i hope everyone enjoys looking at them here on Baccy Pipes .

10 thoughts on “Showcasing a couple of my old Marxman’s

  1. Great looking pipes Troy! It looks like I have another brand to look for.

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  2. Thanks Andrew .
    Marxman’s are good pipes . If you get one though and it has a removable stinger , remove it …pronto .
    They are the most restrictive stingers ive ever tried , they are just horrible . They smoke 100 percent better without them .


  3. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Marxman is a great older American Pipe Company and they had some beautiful pipes made for them. These are two great examples. Thanks also for the brochures Troy.

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  4. Great looking pipes, and excellent article. I have a Marxman author shape and love it.

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  5. Fantastic post, Troy! Thanks for the background info on Marxman. I really enjoyed getting a peak inside the brochure. The grain on that poker is just stunning. Congrats on a couple of beautiful pipes!


  6. Great looking pipes, Troy. That deluxe is a real beauty. I dig the square shank on it and the taper of the stem. I love those old brochures. Can you imagine yourself getting that back in the day? Sitting down, packing a bowl in your new pipe and perusing the brochure for your next acquisition? Cool post.

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  7. Thanks Wayne
    Yes i can imagine ….yes i can .


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