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Refurbished KB&B Yello Bole Imperial Large Billiard


Since my last  KB&B Yello Bole 07 Billiard ended up being a odd and unique prototype (i know whoa is me) i ended up looking for another for my regular smoking rotation. I really like the Kaywoodie/Yello Bole 07 shape and size of the classic billiard .Every one i own is a great smoking pipe and can be found for a song most of the time .To me its a workhorse of a pipe and a American classic .

I was able to pick this pre 1955 Imperial 07 up. It looked like it was a good example and had very decent grain.

Other than a rim being banged up slightly and a few teeth marks on the button , it just needed a good cleaning and some elbow grease .

After a slight reaming and cleaning of the shank i put the stem in for a good soak in 91% alcohol .
I then gave the outside of the bowl a good wipe down. The rim  got a good scrubbing with warm water/Oxy Clean soulutin and green pad to remove the the residue and charring .

Then i went on to sand the bowl with 1200 – 2500 grit and mineral oil to remove a few slight dings . Most of the them was around the rim .

There was a couple of sand pits still on the rim but i decided to leave them alone . If the Yello Bole did not have sand pits it would have been a Kaywoodie , so they stay for authenticity.

I then removed the stem from  the alcohol soak  and gave it a good scrubbing. Followed by some slight filing of some teeth marks around the button . Then a wet sand of 400 grit on up to 2500.

I then gave the stinger a good scrubbing with a green pad and alcohol to remove the residue and tar. Followed by a rub down of steel wool.

I then gave the whole pipe a rub down with mineral oil before buffing and waxing.

After a couple of coats the rim looked a little light to me so i colored the rim with a red sharpie to tone it up . I then buffed off excess and proceeded to give it a few more coats of wax.

Pipe after buff and wax .

I have smoked this old billiard for a couple of days now since the refurbish  and i must say i have not been disappointed. It smokes my favorite burley’s wonderfully. A true American classic .

11 thoughts on “Refurbished KB&B Yello Bole Imperial Large Billiard

  1. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Yet another refurb by Troy that is stellar. If you have not visited his blog yet follow the links and have a look. He is doing a great job.

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  2. Looks great Troy. Well done.

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  3. I had just complimented Steve on his ability with stain pens, and then I see yours with a Sharpie! Very nice restoration. I’m going to have to try the mineral oil treatment I see being used by you and Steve.

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  4. Nicely done, all around. That rim looks superb. When I started refurbing pipes, I was always amazed that a lot of the items needed could be found right around the home.

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    • Thank you Wayne .
      I hardly ever use stuff that isnt house hold items . I try to show you don’t need fancy, expensive stuff , that anyone can refurb a pipe on their own kitchen table .


  5. Great job, Troy. A true classic pipe!

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  6. Nice job, Troy! Workhorse to racehorse!

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