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1930’s -1940’s KB&B Yello Bole Premier Propeller Refinish


I have been looking for a older pot shape for a very good online friend of mine that hails from Kentucky ( hes a ol Hillbilly like me ) as a present for him . He likes pot shapes quite a bit and smokes them often .I wanted to find him one that wasn’t too fancy and would make a good daily smoker . Something that he can throw in his shirt pocket and take with him when hes out puttering around his property or maybe messing with his hunting dogs.

I found this 1930’s to early 1940’s Yello Bole Pot Propeller (nothing smokes like old briar ) on Ebay as a “Buy It Now ” for a few bucks.

Even came with some tobacco….. free of charge!

The finish was flaking and showing the fills that was hiding behind it .One thing i’ve learned from working on old Yello Boles is that one that has the bright orange thick finish and the ones that are a real dark purple are hiding fills and defects .Still very good briar though and they smoke very well .
Well the finish was too far gone so knew i had to strip it and knew what to expect under it.
First i gave the bowl a good reaming and cleaning while putting the stem in for a alcohol bath.

I then stripped off old finish with a sanding and scrubbing using warm water and Oxy Clean . Then gave it a good wipe with 91% alcohol. Other than the fills the briar looked pretty decent .There was two large fills and about four or five small ones .

Instead of trying to give it back a bright orange finish i decided to give a darker look . I wanted it to look like it had darkened patina from years of smoking. So i mixed up some very thin orange dye  to give it some depth and to help make it easier to hide the fills .

After the dye dried i then mixed up some acrylic color match to help camouflage the fills .I applied the acrylic with a small paint brush .

After the acrylic dried i gave the bowl a rub down with mineral oil and gave it a VERY  light rub with 000 steel wool to feather out the paint edges . Then i added some black spots on top of the painted fills to simulate dark grain .

The fills will darken up some more after some wax is applied .

As the bowl is drying out for the mineral oil i took out the stem and gave it a good scrubbing and cleaning . Then filled out some minor teeth marks .

Then a good wet  sanding with 500 on up to 2500 grit  sand paper.

The stem was fitting really tigh so i gave the tenon a little bee’s wax.

Pipe back together and ready for some buffing and waxing .

The rim on the pipe is a cross grain so i could not get it to stain like the rest of the bowl. So it looks lighter in the pictures. I could not fix this without making it look muddy . After a few bowls it should darken up some .

Finished pipe

Well Kentuck i hope you like this old  Yello Bole Pot and it brings you many fine smoke’s of Prince Albert . It will be in the mail coming your way shortly.Enjoy it my friend.

14 thoughts on “1930’s -1940’s KB&B Yello Bole Premier Propeller Refinish

  1. Troy, you make it look easy. Covering fills drives me crazy. Another fine job.

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    • Thank you Al.
      Its not that hard you just got to to real light with the buffer til you get some wax built over the fills or you can do each colored fill with a few coats of a hand paste wax . After you got a protective barrier over the acrylic then you can use the buffer.


  2. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Nice gift to that friend Troy. Well done.

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  3. Great idea with the acrylic paint, Troy! I’m not sure if I’m glad I missed that one or not, seeing how well it came out and going to such a good home.

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  4. Another fine job. Looks like it has some Birdseye.

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  5. Dang, son!! You sure stay busy. Nice work, especially on hiding the pits and fills. Beautiful grain. I really like the straight grain on the bowl above the shank.

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  6. I hear ya, man. I hear ya. The bride keeps asking: “why do we have a cable bill again?”

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  7. Nicely done, Troy! I’ll bet that finish looks better than it did when it was factory fresh and the grain really pops now. It’s a wonderful gesture to your friend as well.

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