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Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky

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Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky has become my top tobacco so i thought i would share a review by JimInks plus some of my thoughts and information of this wonderful blend.

I Love Dark Fired Kentucky and have tried many different blends ,Bold Kentucky is by far my favorite.
I know a lot like Mac Baren’s Old Dark Fired but i have to admit i’m not a fan of it . Its one of only a couple of blends that I’ve tried that  the more i smoked it the less i cared for it. To my taste it has a off putting almost Lakeland essence to it and i do not care for Lakeland flavored tobacco at all.
Bold Kentucky to me is much , much better than Old Dark Fired. It has no to very minimal topping.

I can not write a better review of it than JimInks has written for it so  here is his review . I copied it from

JimInks  2015-03-20

Aptly named, HH Bold Kentucky has a lot of strength and boldness, and is indeed, the strongest tobacco in the HH line. The African and American dark fired Kentuckys are very earthy with some nuttiness and spice, and a minor amount of sweetness. Smoked straight, dark fired Kentucky can be harsh and at times, bitter, so the bright Virginias are a necessary addition, succeeding in their purpose by softening most of the rough edges with some minor sweet citrus and grass notes. The Virginias do not dampen the power and hearty richness of the Kentucky, and a little of the expected roughness remains, but it is more palatable to smokers as a result of its inclusion. There are a few small sour notes from the Kentucky. There is no topping, and the casing – which I suspect is vinegar – is very minimal, and not noticed very often.

The slices are hot pressed and moist in the tin. It may help the burn rate if you dry them a little, but I have found they burned fairly well straight out of the tin, though the tobacco will require some relights. The slices are very easy to break apart, and easily rubbed out if that is your preference. Burns slow and fairly cool with no bite, no dottle and very little moisture at the finish, even when it’s not dried out. The taste is consistent all the way through and doesn’t turn bitter at the end. Due to the strength of the flavor and nicotine, I recommend smoking it at no more than a moderate pace. Obviously not an all day smoke, but a smoker experienced with strong dark fired Kentucky products – or strong tobaccos in general – won’t mind having more than one bowl a day.

He nailed the review to me , the only thing is that i do consider it a all day smoke but i like strong natural tobacco. I can smoke very strong burley’s and not bat a eye but give me a Latakia or goopy aromatic and ill whine and faint like a little girl.

Even though Bold Kentucky is considered a strong tobacco it is very ,very smooth. One of the smoothest tobaccos I’ve ever smoked . In fact its so smooth i have a hard time calling it a real strong tobacco. I’m also used too high nicotine blends.

When i first started smoking Bold Kentucky it was only offered in small tins . It restricted me to only getting one tin of it every so often because of the cost and i could burn through a small tin pretty quick. I sent a few emails off to Mac Baren and praised Bold Kentucky to them but mentioned that i would buy more if it would come in bulk or 1lb boxes .
About a little more than a month ago i got a email back that they started producing Bold Kentucky in 1lb boxes (not that i had anything to do with it ) and sent me this link,

Although its pricey by the pound its still a better value than the little tins. As much as i like it ,i ordered a lb within the week.
Well i smoked it pretty heavy and a couple of days a go i ordered another lb and it came in today so i thought i would share what you get.

Came in a battered box , but you know UPS .

Comes in sealed baggie wrapped in gold foil.

Smells like heaven! The flakes are longer than the ones in the little tins.

Some flakes laid out on top. That pretty or what?

It does burn very slow so you get a very long smoke with a bowl. If you only smoke a couple to a few bowls a day this would last you a very long time .

If you are a Dark Fired Kentucky fan give  Bold Kentucky a try . I do not  think you will  be disappointed.

I have also sent Mac Baren’s a email saying it would be  wonderful if they sold this in ready rubbed bulk like Old Dark Fired. Maybe one day they will.




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