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Showcasing A Linkman Deluxe 9732 Canadian


About a year ago i was talking to Tim Pollock about pipes and mentioned i would like to start getting hold of some old KBB Yello Bole and Linkman Canadian’s. He told me that he had a old Linkman Canadian that did not have a stem but that he would happily  give me if i wanted it. He mentioned it used to have a propeller stem but the stem was so damaged the previous owner had threw it away and stated it was non repairable.

I told him that i would take it and see if i could find a stem for it , so he sent me this old Linkman Deluxe 9732 medium Canadian. Other than missing a stem, a slightly banged rim and being dirty the pipe was very nice. The stamping’s were in pretty nice shape as well.

I asked around on the Dr. Grabow Collector’s forum if anyone had some old Linkman Canadian stems for sale or trade.
Ed James (a well known Grabow collector, pipe restorer and carver ) was nice enough to tell me to send it to him and if he did not  have one laying around he would make me one.
So i cleaned up the old girl , fixed the rim and slapped a couple of coats of base wax on it  and shipped the pipe of to Ed with a tin of tobacco as a gift for his kindness.

After a couple of weeks he told me that he did not have a spare so he would make me one and use the stinger and propeller emblem from a Linkman  donor stem . He also mentioned it might be a while as he was very busy. I told him to take his time and get to it when he could.

About three months later it arrived and the stem looked excellent . He ended up making it with German Ebonite !

I finished the buff and wax on it and took these photos.

I was really impressed on how the pipe smoked . It lead me to find some more Linkman’s.

I have smoked it for a year now and its one of my favorite pipes. My favorite tobacco to smoke out of it is Bold Kentucky flakes. Stuff and fold some of that in it and a good cup of coffee on the side . I’m in BLISS.

Since i had a order of Bold Kentucky coming in today i gave the old gal a little extra cleaning and a fresh coat of wax . I thought i would share some pictures of my favorite Linkman since she was spiffed up. She has held up good over the year with just some slight rim darkening.

I think Linkman’s had the best non removable stingers ever made.They work well and do not hinder the draw at all . I have never had one gurgle on me.

Researching the stamping’s i can pinpoint this pipe pretty much at dead on 1940.
Shields and propellers together did not start till 1940 .The Linkman over Grabow ended after 1940.

Deluxe over Bruyere ended after 1940.

I also have a on the side that was used from 1933-42

This is one pipe ill never get rid of while I’m above ground. Not only was it a gift and worked on by two of my pipe friends but it smokes like a champ. It’s amazing how some of these old pipes with thinner walls can smoke so good and cool. Old briar , you got to love it.

Well i hope you enjoy looking at the old Linkman Canadian but i have to go now, i hear bliss calling me .

8 thoughts on “Showcasing A Linkman Deluxe 9732 Canadian

  1. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    This old timer came out great. The new mouthpiece with the inset propeller looks original. This is a winner all the way around. Great partnership on this one Troy.

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  2. Nice work all around. The birdseye really shows up nicely. You and Ed make a great tag team. That stem work is top notch.

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  3. Holy moly! That baby is gorgeous. Well done as always. I agree, the linkman stingers are the best smokers of all the stinger pipes I’ve smoked. They still have a nice open draw and keeps the stem moisture free as designed. Dibs on adoption if you ever tire of it. 🙂

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  4. Thanks Dave
    I wouldn’t get my hopes up on the adoption of this pipe lol.


  5. Beautiful pipe, Troy! A great piece of briar in one of my favourite shapes, too.

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