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Simple Clean Up & Preservation Of A Kaywoodie 5051 Push Stem Billiard


I have been picking up a few older Kaywoodie’s four digits lately and thought i would share this one as the old push stems are pretty scarce.
I was scanning EBAY and saw this come up as a ‘Buy It Now” for a great price plus free shipping , so i purchased it right away.

It was lightly smoked and in excellent shape other than the bite marks and a dent on bottom of shank. I think the previous owner chewed it more than they smoked it.
This is my first shape 51 and i like it quite a bit. Its basically a 05 with a longer shank and shorter stem . I’m a big fan of the 07, 05 and 11 shaped billiard’s but i think this might be my new favorite and will be on the lookout for some more. It was in such great shape for its age i kept the work on it as least as possible.I cleaned off the rim residue  with a green pad and water. I also gave it a wipe with some mild  detergent/water to clean it of any surface grime and oils.The bowl had very thin cake so all i did was give it a quick sand. The shank was very clean and only took two cleaners with alcohol.

I got rid of the ding on bottom of shank with a damp cloth and iron.

I gave it a rub down with mineral oil and sanded the rim slightly with some 1800 grit.

After soaking the stem in 91% alcohol i gave it a good scrubbing in and out.

With a little filing ,sanding and heat i was able to get rid of about 98% of the tooth marks without jeopardizing the thickness of the stem.

I then gave it a good sanding with it on the pipe to fix some slight register problem’s. I used 500 grit on up to 2500 wet/dry paper.

The pipe is now ready for some slight buffing and wax.

The pipe is stamped Supergrain over Kaywoodie and imported briar over 5051. From research on the stamping’s and the clover being on the stem i think the pipe is from around early to late 1937. I’m thinking this might be one of the last few Supergrain push bits made.

Finished pipe.

I thought what a better way to try this old classic out was with some original Edgeworth Ready Rubbed.

The pipe smokes EXCELLENT. I can not understand why Kaywoodie did not stick with push bit models. At least on some of their high end models.  Even though i like the four hole stinger’s (three holer’s not so much) the push bit smokes so much better than the non removable stinger models.

16 thoughts on “Simple Clean Up & Preservation Of A Kaywoodie 5051 Push Stem Billiard

  1. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Kind of miss having Troy’s refurbs posted here so I reblog a few of them to keep them up front.

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  2. Nice job, Troy .That’s a nice pre-WW11 Kaywoodie.

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  3. Thank you
    As i say the older the pipe the sweeter the baccy lol.

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  4. Great job on a true classic, Troy. Hoping your thumb heals quickly.

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    • Thank you Al
      Its a great pipe and i was lucky to get it .
      The thumb is feeling much better now . Its funny you never know how important a thumb is until its all bandaged up and to sore to use.


  5. That’s a great find, Troy. It looks like it’s ready for the showroom floor now.

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  6. Very nice, Troy. I like how you kept your methods simple for the restoration and did not over complicate things. I sometimes tend to do the opposite and have to recite the K.I.S.S. mantra to myself. Beautifully done! Wishing you a quick healing on the thumb.

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    • Thanks Aaron
      Simple mind helps lol . Well a pipe survives 75 years or so with very little wear and tear , to me it does not need much attention . Unless a pipe is really beat up i try to do as little as it needs done to make a nice smoking example.


  7. Great catch there, Troy! It is a beautiful shape, too. Glad the thumb is healing up well.

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  8. Nice work on an oldie but a goodie. You scored on that pipe. I almost quit reading after the “only two pipe cleaners” comment. LOL Glad to see your enjoying your ERR. That’s pretty darn cool to be smoking a pipe that old with some old and still smokeable baccy. Congrats

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  9. Thanks JDD
    Yeah its pretty sweet smoking that old baccy in a old pipe , its like a little time machine with fuel lol


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