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Two Original Unopened Edgeworth Ready Rubbed 14 oz tubs


I recently acquired two unopened tubs of Edgeworth Ready Rubbed from a friend of mine over at Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum. Other than some surface rust the tubs  are in great shape. No large dents and the tobacco was not compromised from the rust.

From the tub design and lack of tobacco stamp I’m guessing they are from mid to late 1950’s

I opened one up and the smell was like a big whiff of molasses candy. My brother was standing next to me and was surprised at the smell it still had after all these years. I think he was thinking i was crazy to plan on smoking this old a tobacco ,but came around after seeing how well preserved it was.

The back side of the tub paper even has a pipe coupon offer. I wonder who made the pipes for them? I know at one time Linkman Olde London pipes were a coupon pipe for them but I’m thinking these tubs are newer than that.  Maybe I’m wrong and the tubs are older than i think.
A straight pipe with your name engraved in gold , two pouches of Edgeworth and a booklet on how to smoke and care for your pipe. All that for two dollars.

The tobacco moisture is perfect for smoking. Again the molasses smell from it is just heavenly.

I decided to try it out in a old unmarked late 1910’s to late 1920’s unmarked Algerian briar pipe i have. I consider it one of my best smoking pipes and has seen many a bowl of OTC tobacco’s through it.

I’ve smoked both the P&C Edgeworth Match and Lane Limited Ready Rubbed and ill have to agree with  most that they are not near as good as the original.
The flavor is so much deeper and more intense than the new versions. The molasses flavor is far more tasty. I know this has aged a while and that may be part of it. I can tell though the quality of the newer  tobacco is not near as good. I think they used a much better tobacco than they use today. If they tried to use a tobacco this good  a quality today ( if they could find any)  it would make the product too costly for a OTC type blend. I should also  note that there was not one bit of chemical taste in it like modern OTC’s can have when you first open a tub. The tobacco is at least 50 plus years old and stayed moist enough to smoke . I don’t see why modern tobacco companies seem to think they need to add all the PG to tobacco. Maybe its because the modern cardboard and plastic tubs are not as good for storing tobacco?

I have smoked about four bowls of it so far and I’m amazed at how well it smokes. It burns very cool and leaves very little  residue at all  other than fine ash.
I ran a pipe cleaner through the pipe afterwards and it comes out almost like new.
I can see why this tobacco was so popular and why its so sorely missed by the people who used to smoke Edgeworth.


It seems the coupon offer was for Linkman pipes, A fellow member of DGCF posted these for me. If the coupon offer is for a Linkman pipe it makes the tubs older than the 1950’s. After 1944 Linkman name was not used on pipes as they switched to only using Dr. Grabow. Ed pointed out too that 2.00 dollars for was kinda cheap for the 1950’s so the tubs are most likely early 194os……..I think anyway.

5 thoughts on “Two Original Unopened Edgeworth Ready Rubbed 14 oz tubs

  1. Wow! The rarest of the rare. What a score. Just looking at the tobacco in the open tub was a distinct pleasure. You have the pipe smoker’s pot of gold. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.

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  2. Now that’s a a super find – and kind of makes me a bit jealous, to be honest! LOL I’d been planning on trying the new version but now I’m skeptical about fooling with it. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

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    • Thanks Greg
      The new Lane version is not bad its just milder and weaker and a little pricey . The P&C version is ok too but again weaker and milder with a odd type cut to it . I would advise getting a couple of ounces of the P&C match bulk blend (i think its made by Sutliff) to try instead of buying a whole tub of the Lane Limited.

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