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Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit “Shire” Corn Cob Pipe


I have not posted anything about any of my cobs i own so i thought i would show off my latest cob purchase. When i first started smoking pipes , i smoked cobs. I even got into doing some cob customizing before i got into refurbishing/restoring and collecting briar pipes.

I recently  ordered me some Stokkebye PS-83 Amsterdam Blend ( Dark Fired Kentucky and Va. blend ) so i thought i would pick me up a new Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit “Shire” Corn Cob Pipe. Being a fan of cobs and the “Lord of Rings” books it seemed like a good idea.
I love certain blends in a cob pipe and smoke them often while I’m working outside ,mowing or some such.If you have never had Carter Hall in a cob with a cup of coffee then you don’t know what you are missing .

I wanted a fancier one for the when I’m at home relaxing and the “Shire” caught my eye. It’s like a small cob Churchwarden.

I read a few reviews about people saying the stem was not that good and were loose fitting . I found the stem OK to me , it did have some rough edges but that was fixed easily with a little wet sanding and some passes with a yellow and white buffing pad. Took me about 10 minutes work. As far as the stem fitting loose, mine was not. In fact mine was too tight so i put a coat off bee’s wax on the tenon. I also coated the bottom of the bowl with carbon/syrup to prevent tasting the nasty birch shank while breaking it in.

Missouri Meerschaum “Shire”

The pipe is non filter with a hardwood plug bottom shaped and tapered. So its not a sitter. Its not a good clencher , its a sit back and relax pipe and that was just what i was looking for. It feels excellent in the hand. I have a very expensive Vauen Churchwarden that i smoke only on special occasions but this one being low cost and practical i can smoke it anytime and often.

The PS Amsterdam is a excellent in it (in fact i may post a review on that tobacco).

All and all I’m very happy with the Cobbit and if you are a fan of cobs , pick one up i think you will like it.

The also have larger size “Wizard” and a smaller size “Dwarf” . The “Shire” is the medium size of the three.

2 thoughts on “Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit “Shire” Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Good looking cob, Troy! I smoke at least on cob every day and some days are all cob all day. From what I’ve read, the problem with the loose fitting stems only existed on the first production runs. I think they have that worked out now.

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  2. Thanks Anthony
    I have gotten back into my cobs more heavily lately , I think some of it has to do with i just get weary of trying to keep my briars clean all the time.


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