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A Restoration of a Weber Blackthorne 735 Canadian


I have been keeping a eye out for a nice Weber Blackthorne billiard or Canadian. They are not that easy to find , if you do find a decent one  people want to charge you twice or more what they are worth. I happened upon this 735 on a Ebay listing. I have a couple of 735’s and they are fine smokers. One is a Jobey (made by Weber at the time) and the other is a Weber Golden Walnut smooth finish. Being a fan of sandblast  pipes i jumped on the Blacthorne and won the bid of the pipe that also was from his fathers collection.

The pipe needed some work but for the price less than a average pizza it was worth it. The stem was pretty chewed but the rest of pipe was in excellent shape.

Pipe as it arrived,

1(640x398).jpg2(640x333).jpg4 (640x480).jpg5 (640x601).jpg6 (640x480).jpg7(640x480).jpg

Weber’s have a large button hole and it makes them have a great draw but its also a weakness .They tend to get holes and cracks easier than most stems.

I first gave the bowl  a good scrubbing and cleaning along with sanding most of the cake out.100_8713 (640x480).jpg

I soaked the stem in alcohol to clean and scrub all the old tars and such.100_8716 (640x480).jpg100_8719 (640x480).jpg

I then soaked it Oxy Clean and warm water for a couple of hours and then scrubbed it  with a Scotch Brite pad  get rid it of oxidation.100_8727 (640x480).jpg

After the years of usage and  my cleaning of the briar the color was becoming thin so i made up a match of the  factory color. I dyed it let it dry in between coats.I ended up dying it with three thin coats.100_8732 (640x480).jpg100_8730 (640x480).jpg

While the bowl was drying i went to work on the stem.

First thing i did was address the crack on the top of the stem by adding a very thin coat of CA glue to the exposed section before i  sealed it up with the repair.100_8743 (640x480).jpg

I then filed the areas to be repaired so it would have a good bond and made me a stem plug ( thin cardboard wrapped in packing tape).100_8745 (640x480).jpg

I mixed up a combination of carbon and vulcanite powder i got from a old donor stem.100_8749 (640x480).jpg

I worked my way from the middle of the defect working my way out with thin coats of CA glue and powder . Filing in between coats to give it shape and a bond for the next coat.100_8751 (640x480).jpg100_8753 (640x480).jpg

After i got the stem part repaired i taped it up to build up the button.100_8755 (640x480).jpg100_8761 (640x480).jpg

After filing it to shape the rough filling is done and ready for the  sanding.100_8764 (640x480).jpg100_8765 (640x480).jpg

I sanded the stem and repairs starting with 400 grit working my way up to 2500.100_8769 (640x480).jpg

After the repairs were done i took the bowl and wiped it mineral oil and gave it a rub with 000 steel wool to knock down the finish some and give the color some relief and depth 100_8741 (640x480).jpg

The bowl and stem back together for wipe down again with mineral oil to check work before going to the final buffing and wax.100_8778 (640x480).jpg

One thing i did notice on the stem then it is stamped English Para. This is the only pipe i know of in my collection that has this stamped on the stem.

100_8785 (640x480).jpg

After some time on the buffer , the finished pipe.1 (640x480).jpg2.jpg3.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and looking forward to smoking it in the years to come.


9 thoughts on “A Restoration of a Weber Blackthorne 735 Canadian

  1. Nice work on that one Troy. Glad to see you back in action. I was wondering what had happened to you!

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  2. Nice write up and great work as always. That’s a real beauty now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent job. I like the idea of vulcanite dust used in the CA glue mix. I’d never thought of that before. Learning something new every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Snappy looking pipe Troy. One of my favourite shapes

    Liked by 1 person

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