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Showcasing a KB&B Yello -Bole Imperial Sandblast Canadian


I thought i would show off this Yello Bole i purchased online last December right before Christmas.

Not only has it became my favorite Yello Bole pipe to smoke but one of my favorites of all my pipes. All my Yello Bole Canadians are excellent smokers though but this is a cut above to me. It has one of the best blast i have ever seen on a factory pipe (or any pipe for that matter).

Here is some of the pics as it appeared online.

s-l1600 (2) (640x360).jpgs-l1600 (640x360).jpgs-l1600 (1) (640x360).jpg

All i really had to do to it was give it a cleaning , buff it a little and she was ready for action. I thought about dying it black but after seeing how in such nice original shape it was in i decided to leave it alone.

I have been smoking the pipe heavily  since December and it smokes superb. It checks all the right boxes for me .

Its very light,looks very nice ,comfortable to hold and clench. It smokes very cool and dry. I can smoke bowl after bowl in this pipe and it never gets soggy. The draw is superb (with or without the stinger). The only thing i wish it had the older type Yello Bole inlaid circle stem. It has the newer raised one that i believe puts it in very late 40s to early  50s before Frank Medico purchased KB&B. I also know its a shape #72 large Canadian as i have a stamped one to compare it too.

I gave the pipe a little maintenance  cleaning today and took a few pics to share.


KB&B had some excellent blast , I think they rivaled any pipe company in the world at the time. If i was to dye this pipe black and put a stem with a white dot on it you would swear this is a Dunhill. Pictures do not do the blast justice , in person its looks even better as you can get a feel for how deep and craggy it is. I have four sandblast Yello -Boles now and they all have excellent blast but this one is just a cut above in my opinion.

Well i hope you enjoy looking at this Canadian nearly as much as I enjoy smoking it.10.jpg


7 thoughts on “Showcasing a KB&B Yello -Bole Imperial Sandblast Canadian

  1. That one makes me a little jealous, Troy!

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  2. That is one heck of a blast on a production pipe. Lovely Canadian.

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  3. That’s a great looking pipe, Troy! I’m partial to Canadians, but none of mine rival that blast.

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    • Thank you Charles . I have some higher end blasted pipes that don’t come near to it as well. Only thing i have that is as good is a custom made billiard. I had it made for me and it that cost 10 x as much as i paid for the Yello Bole.

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