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NOS KB&B Yello Bole Imperial Billiard & Tobacco Pouch


I picked up this 1940’s NOS rusticated Imperial off  EBAY . Its a Kaywoodie shape # 11  large billiard . That’s one of my favorite of all billiard shapes and sizes.

It needed some very slight work . The stem was pretty lackluster from being in storage for so many years.

100_8854 (640x480).jpg

It had the newer style stinger in it. I think they switched over too these during  WW II. The stem was really tight from the wood being so dry. It squeeked something terrible removing it. I was nervous the shank was gonna crack. Luckily it came apart with no damage to the shank.

100_8859 (640x480).jpg

I sanded the stem lightly with some 2500 grit then oiled the shank with some mineral oil and a Q-tip.I then put a light coat of bees wax on the tenon. The stem glides in and out now slick as a ribbon. I also switched the stinger with a nice older style Yello -Bole one. 100_8860 (640x480).jpg

I gave the whole pipe a rub down with mineral oil and let it soak in for a couple of hours.

100_8862 (640x480).jpg

From the price tag of 1.50 on the bowl seal i can date this pipe to early to late 40s. This ad is from a 1942 Popular Mechanics magazine.

142d30f4eb78799d62779559a945b1e0 (1).jpg

After the mineral oils soaked in i gave the pipe a light buff on my buffing wheel .

Finished pipe

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg6b.jpg7.jpgI also picked up this NOS Yello-Bole tobacco pouch. Its pre-upc code and my guess is  sometime in the 1960’s


These will not be display items as i plan on using them as they were intended.

I figure what better way to break in my 1940’s  Yello-Bole pipe than with some of my 1940’s Edgeworth Ready Rubbed.


Its rough work i know, but it has to be done . 🙂


I opened up the Yello Bole tobacco pouch and i thought someone might be interested in some pictures of it.

Its a pretty decent tobacco pouch actually. Nothing fancy ,but basic and good quality.

100_8900 (437x640).jpg

This advertisement was inside it as well.

100_8903 (640x243).jpg

2 thoughts on “NOS KB&B Yello Bole Imperial Billiard & Tobacco Pouch

  1. Very nice preservation of a piece of tobacciana history. 70 years look great on that pipe.

    Liked by 1 person

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