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Mint in Box Briarcraft Sterling Hall Standard


I picked up this Braircraft Sterling Hall off EBAY .

For some odd reason it  was listed under religious medals category  instead of pipes ,so it flew under the radar of the pipe bidders. I was lucky enough to see it and win it on opening low bid. I had been looking for a nice Braircraft pipe as its one of the few early-mid  20th century  American pipe brands i did not have.

From my  quick research on the pipe i can not find any ads for the Sterling Hall model prior to early 40’s , so i think its a 1940’s pipe . Briarcraft made pipes for 30 years . They lasted from 1920-1950. Some pipe smokers consider them one of the best smoking American made pipes of their time. Especially the Briarcraft  Smokemaster models.

Here is a 1946 Sterling Hall ad.


Around 1967 Dr. Grabow acquired the name and system rights to the Smokemaster line, and was produced until the mid 1990’s. Dr. Grabow made three series. The 100, 200, and 300.

I have a online  friend who owns several hundred pipes and many high end factory type , from Dunhill’s to Charatan’s . He swears the Briarcraft’s he owns put them all to shame for smokeablity.

All i did was polish up the sterling band and clean some oxidation off the stinger/cleaner. I gave the pipe a polish with a micro fiber cloth as well. I’m not sure if the pipe is unsmoked or not. I can not  detect any smell of smoked tobacco in the bowl . I could not see any signs on the stinger and inside the shank or stem. The  inner bowl has a dark color but i think it might some type of bowl coating  instead from being smoked but I’m not sure . I’m calling the pipe mint in the box instead of NOS pipe.

The pipe is a little pocket model measuring in at 4.5 inches long and a 1.5 inch tall bowl. The drilling is dead perfect on it too i might add.



Stamping’s are,

Aged Imported Briar on bottom of shank.


Sterling Hall over Briarcraft with B in diamond on left shank. Sterling on band with no silver makers mark .11.jpg

Shape number 10 on right side of shank.


Well if the pipe was unsmoked it most certainly will not be for long. I plan on breaking it in with some of my vintage Edgeworth Ready Rubbed.

100_8944 (640x544) (2).jpg

Well i better get to work on it …til next time ,

Good smokes to you .

4 thoughts on “Mint in Box Briarcraft Sterling Hall Standard

  1. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Been awhile since I reblogged one of Troy’s pieces but this one was one I had to do! The information and the beauty of this old pipe makes it an interesting addition to pipe information.

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  2. Nice win Troy!! That’ll be a nice addition to any collection. Congratulations!

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