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Improving a no name basket pipe


I actually got this pipe back around summer of 2014 when i first started refurbishing and repairing pipes. It was gifted to be by a member on the Dr.Grabow Collectors Forum. I was giving a few pipes by him that he did not want or use . I did not have many pipes at the time so the gifts were eagerly accepted by me . One of those pipes was this no name he picked up in a  junk/antique store lot if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think he had more than a  couple of dollars in it.

For the last two summers this has been one of my favorite pipes to sit outside with on the warm evening and nights . I usually load it up with some John Patton “Dark Horse” or “Storm Front” , just sit ,relax and drift away.

Well the warmer weather is arriving here  so i thought i would pull it out of storage and give it a a going over . I went ahead and took some up to date pics and share what you can do with a non stamped basket pipe for little to no cost.

This is how the pipe arrived to me from Kentuck. Other than a few fills the briar has very nice grain . The stem  although oxidized is of good quality vulcanite.

100_2461 (640x480).jpg100_2462 (640x480).jpg

For some reason the bottom of  pipe was designed rounded  and would not sit on its heel.

100_2464 (640x480).jpg

Since getting this pipe i have seen a couple models of this pipe, round bottom and all . This model pipe was made by Jobey  pipes when they were in New York City (pre Weber). So I’m about 99% positive this is a Jobey second. I had a picture of one with the factory box somewhere but i cant find it now.

On to the work………………..the pipe not being able to sit bugged me A LOT ,so that would be the first improvement . I sanded the heel flat with some 220 grit followed with 400-800.

100_2471 (640x480).jpg

Much better!!100_2472 (640x480).jpg

The draw was not that great and I noticed the drilling was slightly off. With the stem on  a pipe cleaner would catch about 1/16 of inch from the bowl chamber. I took a drill bit a little larger than the factory drilling and slowly ( by hand) drilled the airway larger.100_2475 (640x480).jpg

Its as open as a subway tunnel now . Pipe cleaner drops right in no problem . This made the pipes draw MUCH better.


I  sanded out some of the bowl cake.100_2478 (640x480).jpg

Soaked the stem in Oxy Clean  a couple of hours.  Removed the oxidation with a green pad .100_2480.JPG

100_2489 (640x480).jpg

I contrast stained the bottom of pipe . First i colored it in with a black sharpie . I did this  three times letting in dry in between to make sure the black got into the grain well.

100_2481 (640x480).jpg

I then wet sanded it off with the black remaining in the grain.100_2492 (640x480).jpg

I then did the same with a red sharpie .

100_2498 (640x480).jpg

I wet sanded the stem with 600-2500 grit . The bowl with 1200 – 2500 grit and touched up the fills. The pipe is now ready for a good buff and wax .

100_2499 (640x480).jpg

100_2501 (640x480).jpg

After buff and wax

This is a couple of original after pictures i took in  2014.

100_2503 (632x640).jpg

100_2511 (481x640).jpg


Here is some pics i took last night after i buffed the stem and gave it a couple coats of wax.

100_8945 (640x480).jpg100_8946 (640x480).jpg100_8948 (640x571).jpg100_8949 (640x480).jpg100_8952 (640x486).jpg100_8956 (640x480).jpg

The re-drilling i did on this pipe made a HUGE difference . It has a very easy draw now and smokes like champ. If you run across a no name basket pipe don’t ignore it and give the pipe a second look.  If it has good bones a little elbow grease and a drill bit can turn a ok pipe into a GREAT smoking pipe ( if its not already a great smoker). Most of time you can get them for a real  bargain and that’s always nice if you are on a tight budget.

I have thought about sending the pipe off to be sandblasted by a friend of mine . Maybe one day.

Now if only summer would get here 🙂 We are ready !

100_8959 (480x640).jpg

Til next time ,good smokes to you .



12 thoughts on “Improving a no name basket pipe

  1. That came out really nicely, Troy. And I completely agree that a little re-drilling can make a huge difference, taking a so-so pipe to a great smoker with almost no time or effort.

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  2. Troy, you turned that basket pipe into a gem. Looks great! I agree with drilling when the draw or angle is wrong.

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  3. Reblogged this on DadsPipes and commented:
    This post by Troy at Baccy Pipes is a great reminder that small adjustments can make big improvements in the smoking qualities of a pipe. Troy did a great job with this pipe; I’m amazed at what he did with a Sharpie!

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  4. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Troy did a great rework on this pipe. Not it is truly a sitter and it looks really good. Great work Troy. He also shows his use of a Sharpie pen… a trick that we share.


  5. Great work on this one Troy! Well done.

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  6. Nice nice nice! I love that shape. That wicked grain is just the icing on the cake. If you ever sell it, you know who to call.

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