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Refurbish of a Weber Virgin Deluxe 375 Poker

I acquired this Weber recently off  Ebay. From the pictures i saw it looked like a fine, excellent condition example. The Virgin Deluxe is i believe one of Weber’s top line models. Most likely the pipe is from the 1960’s-1970’s.s-l1600 (640x391).jpg

I have a few pokers made by Weber now but none are a straight stem like this one. All are either a cherrywood shape or a  straight saddle bit. Like the one in this old Weber ad.1947-weber-pipes-c2-369.jpg

These 375’s don’t pop up often ,so i bid and hoped for the best. Luckily there was not much interest in it and i won. I gladly now include it in my American made poker collection.

The pipe arrived and indeed it was in  very good condition with no major problems. The stem was very tight, so it spent a couple of hours in the freezer. 100_9823 (640x480).jpg100_9824 (640x480).jpg

In fact i had to apply some bees wax to the tenon in order to put it back together to take the above pictures. 100_9825 (640x480).jpg

The pipe was pretty clean inside the bowl and shank. There was very minor cake build up.

100_9826 (640x480).jpg

The shank cleaned quickly with a brush and only needed a couple of cleaners to finish it up.

100_9829 (640x480).jpg

The rim char came off easy with some mineral oil and a piece of Scotch-Brite pad. I  went over bowl lightly  with some 2500 grit and mineral oil. I also gave bowl chamber and inside of shank a go over with mineral oil.100_9833 (640x480).jpg

The outside of the stem though was grimy and oxidized quite a bit, although its hard to tell from the pictures. After a soak in 91% alcohol i gave a good scrub inside and out.100_9834 (640x480).jpg

I did find a couple of deep tooth marks . One was shallow enough to file but the other will have to be filled.100_9837 (640x480).jpg

I soaked the stem in Oxy-Clean and warm water for about a hour and half. Taking it out about every 30-40 minutes and scrubbed it with a piece of Scotch-Brite pad. After last time i went over it with Bar Keepers  applied to damp paper towel until no more lingering oxidation came off on the paper towel  (notice how dirty  brown the Oxy Clean water is and that can tell you how much dark brown oxidation it had).100_9844 (640x480).jpg

After wiping down the stem again with 91% i filled around the tooth marks for the fill to get good adhesion. I don’t like to file around Weber buttons too much as they have thin stems at the mouth because of the large air opening they used. Makes for a very good drawing pipe but its also a weakness of them. A big percent of Weber estate pipes i see have stem button damage or cracks. So its best to fill tooth marks instead of trying to file them out on a Weber.100_9846 (640x480).jpg

I wiped the dust off with another swipe with 91%.100_9849 (640x480).jpg

I mixed up some carbon and vulacanite powder i sanded from a old junk stem. I applied some CA glue to the tooth mark and pressed the powder mix on top of it
100_9850 (640x480).jpg100_9855 (640x480).jpg

Filled down the fill.100_9857 (640x480).jpg

I sanded the filled areas with  400 , 600, 800,1000 grit100_9861 (640x480).jpg

Then gave the whole stem a  wet sand with 1200,1500,1800 ,2000 and 2500 grit100_9863 (640x480).jpg

The soaking and scrubbing  took some of the black relief out of the Weber stem emblem.100_9868 (640x480).jpg

I colored it back in with a black sharpie. It will come off  when i wipe it mineral oil , any remaining will come off during time on the buffer.100_9869 (640x480).jpg

The bowl and stem are back together ready for a final wipe down and inspection, i also reapplied a thin coat of bee’s wax to the tenon as the wax it had has all been cleaned off from the refurbish.The Weber is now ready for some light buffing and a few coats of wax.100_9873 (640x480).jpg

Finished Weber Virgin Deluxe.1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg100_9879 (640x480).jpg100_9881 (640x494).jpg100_9883 (640x480).jpg100_9884 (640x531).jpg

The pipe is stamped Weber / Virgin Deluxe.100_9892 (640x357).jpg

Also Imported Briar / 375 along with English Para on stem.100_9887 (640x333).jpg

The 375 smokes excellent like all my Weber’s. To me KB&B Yello-Boles and Weber’s are the best bang for the buck  of the old  American made, mass produced smoker’s you can find. You just cant beat a old push stem.

100_9901 (640x470).jpg


Thanks for dropping by and checking out my Weber  375.

Till next time,

Good smokes to you.



Mint WDC Milano Rustic Briar F69

I picked up this mint condition WDC Milano Rustic Briar on Ebay for a very reasonable price.s-l1600 (640x327).jpg

I was drawn to the classic billiard shape and very much liked the rustication. The very excellent condition of the pipe was also a plus.

The pipe arrived quickly and required very little attention.The seller had done most of the work at making it ready to smoke. I pulled out the old style tube stinger and cleaned behind it. Sanded some very minor (almost not noticeable) chatter around the button of the stem. The cake was a slightly thick around the bottom of the bowl for my taste, so i sanded it down some. Gave the whole pipe a good rub down with mineral oil and applied a very thin coat of  bee’s wax to the tenon. I rebuffed around the stem button  and gave the pipe a couple coats of wax. Took less than 30 minutes.

Finished pipe.

Its a medium sized billiard abut the same exact shape and size of a Kaywoodie 05.

100_9793 (640x474).jpg100_9794 (640x480).jpg

The seller even threw in a collapsible pipe stand.100_9796 (640x480).jpg100_9798 (640x480).jpg100_9799 (640x480).jpg100_9810 (640x613).jpg100_9802 (640x526).jpg100_9804 (640x479).jpg100_9807 (640x476).jpg100_9813 (640x480).jpg

I don’t really know much about dating WDC pipes and cant find much information on how too date them. From the wider type style stem i can tell its post early 30’s but the tube style stinger  i have only seen on pre early 1930’s pipes. My guess is it dates around 1933-late 1930’s. I would say its no later than 1940, but again that’s just my guess. If anyone knows a more exact date of the Milano ,please post in the comments.

The pipe smokes excellent and even better with the tube stinger removed.100_9821 (640x476).jpg

I have read online that some people think WDC made mediocre pipes. I find that untrue, the three i have are excellent quality and fine smokers. I look forward to having a few more in my collection.

Til next time,

Good smoke’s to you.


Showcasing a Bewlay BriarCut Canadian

I recently purchased this Bewlay Canadian from Vintage Pipes on Etsy. I liked it from first sight ,so i requested a hold on it and acquired it a few days later.

il_570xN.950942378_dgv7.jpgShaefer owner of Vintage Pipe’s was a pleasure to deal with and i recommend giving his shop a look at. He sales a lot of English pipes but you can find others there as well ,along with some nice vintage pipe accessories. His packaging and pipes are top notch.He is also a great guy and we have sent each other lots of messages back and forth about pipes and our collections.

Here is link to Vintage Pipes.

Here is a  little information about Bewlay from Pipedia….”Bewlay House was a chain of English pipe stores whose pipes were made by Barling, Charatan, and Loewe & Co., so the English considered the Bewlay pipes a quality pipe in its own right.The English brand of Bewlay & Co. Ltd. (formerly Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd.), was in business from the early 20th century until the 1950’s.”

rebornpipes  has some great information about Bewlay on their blog.

House of Bewlay Pipes & Tobacco Leaflets

With my budget this is about as close as I’m gonna get to some of the higher end English pipes. You can find Bewlay’s for reasonable prices.

Here is how the Bewlay Canadian  came packaged from Vintage Pipes.1.jpg

Extra goodies is always a plus.2.jpg

Vintage Pipes flyer.


Invoice with personal note, stickers, pipe cleaners and pipe nail.5.jpg

He asked me what types of tobaccos i liked and included some free samples.6.jpg

Pipe came bubble wrapped in a Vintage Pipe draw string bag. The bubble wrap was tighter but i couldn’t wait and took it out before i took a picture. 🙂7.jpg

I have purchased a few ready to smoke estate pipes, but Vintage Pipes by far was the best packaging i have come across.

On to the Bewlay.

From the shape and style i think it was made by  Charatan but that is my guess and i cant be certain. I am by far no expert on English pipes.


The pipe is perfect size  Canadian at 6 1/4 inches long and 1 3/4 inch tall bowl.


Bewlay B on stem.


I went ahead a colored in the B with some Liquid Paper after i rubbed it with 91% on a Q-Tip to remove wax that was inside the stamping . Allowing the liquid paper to stick in the recess better.10.jpg

I do not like breaking in raw briar ,so i gave the bowl a simple maple syrup/water & carbon coating.11.jpg

I rebuffed the stem around the B and now the Canadian is ready for action.12.jpg

The pipe smokes EXCELLENT. I did detect a small ghost of something like a Danish Cavendish ,but a couple of bowls of MacBaren Bold Kentucky Flake took care of that. The pipe smokes good and cool already with no cake build up. Bold Kentucky usually takes several lights to get a big bowl full of smoked but this pipe kept it going all the way to the bottom after the char light. I was impressed. The pipe is amazingly light as well making for one comfortable smoking Canadian.


Thanks for working with me Shaefer , its a wonderful pipe and will enjoy it for a long time to come. I am positive we will do more business in the future.

Till next time,

Good smokes to you.



Interesting 1920’s-early 1930’s Unmarked Star Logo Pipe

I found this pipe on a random Ebay search. Here is one of the pictures as it was listed.s-l1600 (1) (640x480).jpg

I was instantly drawn to the pipe. The shape,rustication ,the star logo really appealed to me. Not to mention the excellent shape it was in. Looking at the additional pictures i could tell by the stem style it was a late 1920’s to early 30’s pipe. It seemed unmarked though, so i sent a message to the seller asking if there was any makers stamping on the pipe. They replied that there was not and if i wanted it he would knock off 35% of the buy it now price, which by the way was really reasonable. I gave it some thought and kept coming back looking at it. The more i looked the more i liked it,so i purchased it.

While i waited on the pipe to arrive i did some research  to see if i could figure out who manufactured it.At first i thought it was a LHS pipe but that proved to be a dead end. I then researched all pipes on Pipephil that used  stem star logos . Nothing seemed to fit the age. Frustrated i gave up until the pipe arrived , once i had in my hand i knew what it was. I’ll  touch on this at the end of the post.

The pipe arrived a few days later and i was eager to start on it. Once i had in hand i could tell this is a very well made pipe. Some of the best quality i have ever seen in a factory pipe.

The rustication is very well done. Its a medium sized apple, 5 1/4 inch long  x 1 5/16 inch tall.

100_9636 (640x480).jpg100_9637 (640x480).jpg100_9638 (640x480).jpg100_9639 (640x480).jpg

Notice how thick the shank is?

100_9642 (640x480).jpg

The metal tenon is also very thick and good quality metal, unlike most that are thin and bend easy. This one would be hard pressed to bend. The pipe was well made and built to last.

100_9645 (640x480).jpg

The pipe was very clean for its age and took little work to get it back to smoking standards.

Cleaning the shank was simple and only took a few pipe cleaners while the stem took a soak in 91% alcohol.100_9646 (640x480).jpg

There was very little cake so just a quick sand with 500 grit is all the inner bowl needed. I then decided  to tackle the ashtray dings on the rim. I ran the rim over a hot iron with a wet rag between the bowl and iron to steam out them out as much as possible.100_9649 (640x480).jpg100_9652 (640x480).jpg

With the pipe clean as it was i gave it a good scrubbing with mineral oil and removed the reemaining rim cake with a piece of green pad.100_9661 (640x480).jpg

The stem only took a few bristle cleaners and some scrubbing with a green pad till it was clean enough to work on.

100_9665 (640x480).jpg

With not very deep spotty oxidation i just opted to a scrub of hot water and Oxy Clean on the stem  instead of a long soak . I then went over it with Barkeeper’s  cleaner and polish to remove and last bits of oxidation.100_9668 (640x480).jpg

Some gentle filling took off what little chatter was on the stem. Then i sanded the file marks with 400-800 , then the whole stem got 1000-3000 grit wet sand. The stinger and tenon got a going over with 000 steel wool.100_9670 (640x480).jpg100_9675 (640x480).jpg

One more rub down with mineral oil over whole pipe and shes ready for some stem buffing and a few coats of wax .100_9678 (640x480).jpg

Finished pipe .

Only marked Italian Briar01.jpg1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg

While cleaning it i did find a flaw on the rim.This might explain it being unmarked.8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg

I smoked a couple of bowls with the ball stinger and was not that impressed. Removed the stinger and it smokes like a different pipe. Nice draw and smokes good and cool. This is gonna be a favorite smoker i can already tell. I’m gonna try some flakes in it next, it should be great for them.11.jpg

Now I’m gonna share what this pipe is or was gonna be.

It just so happens that another pipe that was up for auction at the same time was the key and i even had it on my watch list but did not make the connection until after the pipe arrived in the mail.

There was a very rare WDC  (William Demuth Company ) Charles Lindberg  NY Paris May 21 1927 Spirit of St. Louis up for auction.

LENGTH : 5.45+ in. BOWL HEIGHT: 1.5+ in.BOWL DIAM: 13/16+ in.

s-l1600 (3) (640x339).jpgs-l1600 (5).jpgs-l1600 (2) (640x480).jpgs-l1600 (4) (640x480).jpg

Here is a side by side shot.

Lindbergh pipe.

s-l1600 (3) (640x339).jpg

Star pipe.100_9709 (640x480).jpg

The pipes are identical in shape, size, style, rustication etc…

So I’m saying this  was gonna be a WDC Lindbergh but because of the very visible flaw on the rim it was rejected and unmarked with a different stem used. The Lindbergh pipes were made shortly after his historic flight in 1927, so the time line also fits the pipe.

I’ve also looked at other WDC pipes from that era . Some lines carried the same style rustication , like the Turin and used metal tenons.

Let me know what you think. Think its a WDC unmarked Lindbergh or other WDC line?

Till next time,

Good smoke’s to you.





Preserving a Black & Decker poker

I know what you are thinking  and , yes that Black & Decker.


Its old advertising pipe given away by company’s to promote their products. This is my third advertising poker ( ill show pics of the other two and end of post ). From the style of the stem they all date from roughly the 1920’s to early 1930’s . I have seen only one other Black & Decker advertising poker . It was the same time i won my other two on auction . The bids were pretty high so i passed on it so i could make reasonable bids on the other two. My other’s were made by and stamped LHS. I suspect this one is too even though its not stamped by a maker as its identical in size and style as them.

I stumbled on this one in a online vintage store for really cheap but only had one picture, after contacting the seller she said it would be till next day til she could send me anymore pictures. It looked good from the one picture. Fearful it would get purchased i went ahead took a gamble and got it right away.

Here is the picture as it was listed.il_570xN.769704924_mmlt.jpg

The pipe arrived a few days later and it was in no need of major repair’s but had took a lot of dings on the rim and bottom of bowl where the large Black &Decker seal is.100_9528 (640x480).jpg100_9530 (640x480).jpg100_9530 (640x469).jpg100_9531 (640x480).jpg

I hate to throw the word ‘rare” around but i would consider this  a rare pipe. These kind of pipes were give-a-away’s, they were smoked ,abused and tossed.

Since there was no major repair’s i decided to preserve  what i have and to do as less to it as possible. Being extremely careful around the Black& Decker stamping’s. Without the Black & Decker stamping’s it’s just a plain old poker.

The cake came out easy with a little sanding. The type of stinger it has kept the shank on the pipe very clean so it took very little cleaning .

100_9534 (640x480).jpg

I steamed the rim  with a iron and damp cloth to help take out some of the dings.Sorry for the blurry picture with the iron. I  did go over the bottom of the poker very LIGHTLY as well. i did not want to steam it too much as it might raise the stamping’s.

100_9535 (640x480).jpg100_9536 (640x480).jpg

I gave the rim and pipe a light  scrub with green pad  and mineral oil, the switched to some worn out 2500 grit paper . Staying off the stamping’s as much as possible.

100_9537 (640x480).jpg

The mineral oil helped bring some life back to the stamping’s.

100_9538 (640x480).jpg100_9540 (640x480).jpg

Although the  tube stinger helped keep the shank clean it really dirty’s the inside of the stem . The stem was clogged pretty bad. After soaking in 91% i would take out the stem every so often and work a cleaner through it. I repeated this several times. I was finally able to gentle pull out the stinger. These old tube stingers are very thin and fragile so be PATIENT. If you try to force it out with pliars and a rag you WILL crush it.100_9543 (640x480).jpg100_9546 (640x480).jpg

After the alcohol bath i then gave it a soak in Oxy Clean  taking it out every so often and give it a scrub with a green pad. Be sure and run cleaners through it as well as it pulls oxidation from inside as well. if you don’t clean it out when you are done it will taste horrible when you smoke it.When i completely done i run some 91% through it again with a pipe cleaner.100_9552 (640x480).jpg

I had to fill in one tooth mark that was too deep to file out.100_9557 (640x480).jpg

After tooth marks were filled out i gave stem a sanding with 500 – 1000 grit over file marks, then whole stem got 1200 up to 2500  grit. I gave the stinger a gentle cleaning with 000 steel wool.100_9564 (640x480).jpg

Bowl and stem back together with one rub down with mineral oil . After drying its ready for stem buffing and all over wax.100_9566 (640x480).jpg

Finished preservation of the Black&Decker poker.

Here is the stamping’s first as they are what makes this pipe.

100_9572 (640x479) (640x479) (640x479).jpg

Notice on edge  “Bert” is scratched into the pipe. Seems Bert liked to bang his pipe a lot in the ashtray. Bad Bert!

It turned out pretty decent considering how many dings were present.

The pipe is also marked B&D  Imported Briar on the shank .100_9580 (800x393).jpg

100_9580 (800x393) (229x163).jpg

100_9583 (640x377).jpg100_9584 (640x366).jpg100_9597 (640x397).jpg100_9585 (640x436).jpg100_9588 (640x466).jpg100_9590 (640x498).jpg

The pipe has some pretty nice straight grain.

100_9593 (640x480).jpg100_9596 (640x480).jpg

Its a great smoker.It smokes much cooler than i would have thought with most of the cake removed. I elected to smoke it without the tube stinger as it has a much easier and better draw.100_9603 (640x457).jpg

I did a little research and found out this information on  Black&Decker’s early days.

  • 1917 – Received a patent for the pistol grip and trigger switch on its drill. The first factory was opened in Towson; the company is still headquartered there today.
  • 1928 – Acquired Van Dorn Electric Tool Company of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • 1936 – Common stock begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

This is about the same time period as this poker.

Black &Decker also had other promotional things geared toward  tobacco users. Including ashtray’s , Zippo’s ,match  book covers etc..s-l1600 (4) (640x532).jpgs-l1600 (5) (640x622).jpg

Here is some pictures of my other advertising pokers. Again these are made and stamped by LHS

Bird Archer poker. They made a additive for  water used in steam locomotives .

1 (640x479).jpg4 (640x480).jpg8 (640x480).jpg

LHS  Warner Sand Gravel Lime Products 100_7111 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg

100_7114 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg

100_7118 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg

$_57 (1) (359x404).jpg

Well i hope you enjoyed looking at my old early 20th century advertising pokers.

Till next time,

Good smokes to you.


KB&B Yello-Bole Four Pipe Lot

Got this lot off Ebay a short time back and finally got them finished. All are KB&B  pre-1955 and range from 1936-1951 ish.


s-l1600 (1).jpg

All were in pretty good shape and just needed some basic cleaning,buff ,wax and stem sanding  .No major repairs.

Pipe #1  KB&B  1930’s Yello -Bole #2050B bulldog

I did have to clean this one pretty good and steam out as many dings as i could. The stinger was stuck bad and completely stopped up.100_9361 (640x480).jpg100_9363 (640x480).jpg100_9364 (640x480).jpg100_9365 (640x480).jpg100_9366 (640x480).jpg100_9367 (640x480).jpg100_9376 (640x480).jpg

Even though I’m not much on bulldog shapes this is a first year#2050B model and its a fine smoker, so its still a pretty neat pipe to me.

50B Medium bulldog, round shank   1936-1972

Since the pipe is stamped “Honey Cured Briar” and after 1936 they went to “Cured With Real Honey” this means it can only  be a year 1936 pipe.

Also found a  P stamped on bottom of bowl… idea what it means.

Pipe #2  KB&B Yello-Bole Rusticated Billiard ( Kaywoodie shape 05)

I liked the rustication on this one. These old rusticated Yello-Boles make fine daily smokers.

Simple clean-up only100_9317 (640x480).jpg100_9318 (640x480).jpg100_9319 (640x480).jpg100_9327 (640x480).jpg100_9325 (640x480).jpg100_9323 (640x343).jpg

Pipe# 3 KB&B Century (another Kaywoodie 05 billiard shape)100_9459 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9460 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9461 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9462 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9465 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9463 (1280x960) (2) (640x480).jpg100_9470 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9476 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg

Pipe#4 KB&B Yello-Bole Premier Pot Propeller

The pipe was nice but the stem behind the stinger was packed full of Latakia sludge. Took a a lot of cleaners and still has a Latakia ghost in the stem but not the bowl.

100_9504 (640x480).jpg100_9505 (640x480).jpg100_9507 (640x480).jpg100_9510 (640x377).jpg100_9509 (640x473).jpg100_9515 (640x480).jpg100_9522 (640x511).jpg

I got a pound of Peter Stokkebye Cube Cut Burley  (new blend for me ) coming and i think this pot will be perfect pipe for it.I also think it will help tame the Latakia ghost in the stem.

Till next time,

Good smokes to you.