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KB&B Yello-Bole Four Pipe Lot


Got this lot off Ebay a short time back and finally got them finished. All are KB&B  pre-1955 and range from 1936-1951 ish.


s-l1600 (1).jpg

All were in pretty good shape and just needed some basic cleaning,buff ,wax and stem sanding  .No major repairs.

Pipe #1  KB&B  1930’s Yello -Bole #2050B bulldog

I did have to clean this one pretty good and steam out as many dings as i could. The stinger was stuck bad and completely stopped up.100_9361 (640x480).jpg100_9363 (640x480).jpg100_9364 (640x480).jpg100_9365 (640x480).jpg100_9366 (640x480).jpg100_9367 (640x480).jpg100_9376 (640x480).jpg

Even though I’m not much on bulldog shapes this is a first year#2050B model and its a fine smoker, so its still a pretty neat pipe to me.

50B Medium bulldog, round shank   1936-1972

Since the pipe is stamped “Honey Cured Briar” and after 1936 they went to “Cured With Real Honey” this means it can only  be a year 1936 pipe.

Also found a  P stamped on bottom of bowl… idea what it means.

Pipe #2  KB&B Yello-Bole Rusticated Billiard ( Kaywoodie shape 05)

I liked the rustication on this one. These old rusticated Yello-Boles make fine daily smokers.

Simple clean-up only100_9317 (640x480).jpg100_9318 (640x480).jpg100_9319 (640x480).jpg100_9327 (640x480).jpg100_9325 (640x480).jpg100_9323 (640x343).jpg

Pipe# 3 KB&B Century (another Kaywoodie 05 billiard shape)100_9459 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9460 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9461 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9462 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9465 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9463 (1280x960) (2) (640x480).jpg100_9470 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg100_9476 (1280x960) (640x480).jpg

Pipe#4 KB&B Yello-Bole Premier Pot Propeller

The pipe was nice but the stem behind the stinger was packed full of Latakia sludge. Took a a lot of cleaners and still has a Latakia ghost in the stem but not the bowl.

100_9504 (640x480).jpg100_9505 (640x480).jpg100_9507 (640x480).jpg100_9510 (640x377).jpg100_9509 (640x473).jpg100_9515 (640x480).jpg100_9522 (640x511).jpg

I got a pound of Peter Stokkebye Cube Cut Burley  (new blend for me ) coming and i think this pot will be perfect pipe for it.I also think it will help tame the Latakia ghost in the stem.

Till next time,

Good smokes to you.

6 thoughts on “KB&B Yello-Bole Four Pipe Lot

  1. Four beauties, Troy. I especially like the last one. Reminds me of a Savinelli Miele. Great job.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Al they are all great smokers. The Premiere Pot seems to be everyone’s favorite as well over at the Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum.
      I had to knock these out of the way i got some really unique pipes lined up next and they are not Yello-Boles. I’m sure some will be glad to hear LOL.


  2. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Like Troy I really like the old Yello-Bole pipes. These are a good representation of some of the older one. Well done Troy!

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  3. I wanted that lot but it’s my grandson’s birthday today so guess where my $$ went? LOL At least it’s comforting to know they have a good home.

    Sometimes soaking those stems in white vinegar an hour or two will take out that ghost. And just a simple washing afterwards with Dawn and warm water takes away the vinegar smell.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well Happy Birthday to your grandson !! i thought i got that lot pretty easy so now i know why LOL.
    Thanks for the tip about the stem and vinegar! Ill do that before my Cube Cut burley comes in.


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