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Mint WDC Milano Rustic Briar F69


I picked up this mint condition WDC Milano Rustic Briar on Ebay for a very reasonable price.s-l1600 (640x327).jpg

I was drawn to the classic billiard shape and very much liked the rustication. The very excellent condition of the pipe was also a plus.

The pipe arrived quickly and required very little attention.The seller had done most of the work at making it ready to smoke. I pulled out the old style tube stinger and cleaned behind it. Sanded some very minor (almost not noticeable) chatter around the button of the stem. The cake was a slightly thick around the bottom of the bowl for my taste, so i sanded it down some. Gave the whole pipe a good rub down with mineral oil and applied a very thin coat of  bee’s wax to the tenon. I rebuffed around the stem button  and gave the pipe a couple coats of wax. Took less than 30 minutes.

Finished pipe.

Its a medium sized billiard abut the same exact shape and size of a Kaywoodie 05.

100_9793 (640x474).jpg100_9794 (640x480).jpg

The seller even threw in a collapsible pipe stand.100_9796 (640x480).jpg100_9798 (640x480).jpg100_9799 (640x480).jpg100_9810 (640x613).jpg100_9802 (640x526).jpg100_9804 (640x479).jpg100_9807 (640x476).jpg100_9813 (640x480).jpg

I don’t really know much about dating WDC pipes and cant find much information on how too date them. From the wider type style stem i can tell its post early 30’s but the tube style stinger  i have only seen on pre early 1930’s pipes. My guess is it dates around 1933-late 1930’s. I would say its no later than 1940, but again that’s just my guess. If anyone knows a more exact date of the Milano ,please post in the comments.

The pipe smokes excellent and even better with the tube stinger removed.100_9821 (640x476).jpg

I have read online that some people think WDC made mediocre pipes. I find that untrue, the three i have are excellent quality and fine smokers. I look forward to having a few more in my collection.

Til next time,

Good smoke’s to you.

2 thoughts on “Mint WDC Milano Rustic Briar F69

  1. Great pickup, Troy. I’d be interested in learning more about dating these old burners, too; hopefully someone will chime in on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Greg,
    It would be nice to have some dating information on WDC’s. The Kaywodie Forum has a master list but no dates on them.


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