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KB&B Remington Poker Clean Up and Refurbish


I picked up this KB&B Remington ( Kaywoodie shape # 02) off Ebay to add to my American made poker collection.The Remington’s are not a easy pipe to find and the very few  I have seen were in less than terrible shape.s-l1600 (1) (640x438).jpg

The pictures off Ebay looked really nice (the one above is one of them) and had a great starting bid. The seller listed it as fully refurbished and implied it was ready to smoke. I did see a slight issue though that i could easily take care of.

The pipe arrived in a few days and it looked good ,but again for a couple of slight issues.100_0021 (640x480).jpg

The rim could have been cleaned better I think.100_0022 (640x480).jpg

There was a couple of teeth marks still in the stem.

100_0023 (640x480).jpg

No big deal, a couple of easy fixes. I decided to go ahead and see how it smoked before I fixed the minor issues.

When i took a dry drag on it to see how the draw was, I about gagged. It was like sucking on a old sweaty gym sock that had been filled with sulfur.

So i checked the pipe to see how ready to smoke it was. When i ran  pipe cleaner soaked in alcohol in both the the shank and stem it came out filthy. It was apparent i was gonna have to clean the pipe thoroughly.

I soaked the stem in 91% and starting cleaning.100_0032 (640x480).jpg100_0029 (640x480).jpg

I gave it a second soak in clean alcohol and was still pulling out junk100_0034 (640x480) (2).jpg

After two soaks i finally got the stem clean.100_0036 (640x480).jpg

I cleaned off the rim with mineral oil and a green pad and 2500 grit paper then starting cleaning the shank.100_0026 (640x480).jpg100_0030 (640x480).jpg

After several pipe cleaners and a half a bottle of alcohol i got it clean.100_0038 (640x480).jpg

This is a quote from the sellers description,

“It’ll make a great smoking pipe on the go or at home. Smoke it as if it were new for a cool and dry smoke.”

To me that implies the pipe was ready to smoke. Maybe I’m wrong? I don’t know, I’ll let you be the judge. The seller is a well known pipe dealer and has a very high rating with 100% positive feedback ,so i will not name names.

It’s still a great pipe and i would have happily bid on it if he would have stated that it was not clean inside and needed to be done. I will be weary of buying a pipe from the same buyer though, as someone who will mislead you on one thing could easily mislead you on another. What really bothers me is, if someone new to the hobby was to purchase a pipe like this thinking it was ready to smoke they would have been turned off to smoking a pipe. No matter what you would have smoked in the pipe it would have tasted just horrible.

Anyway ,back to the pipe.

I tried to heat and remove the metal tube from the stem to clean behind it, but the tube is press fitted or glued real well cause I could not get it to budge. I left it alone before i damaged the tenon. It seems there is no gap between the tenon and tube so i don’t think there is any large build up of of junk around it.100_0041 (640x480).jpg

There was a  couple of dings in the pipe as well and since i was already in the process of cleaning, i figured i might as well go whole hog and steam it as well.100_0043 (640x466).jpg

I steamed the dings with a damp rag and a iron. It did not get rid of them all but did make them less noticeable.100_0045 (640x480).jpg

After the steam i gave the bowl a go over with mineral oil and 2500 grit, staying off the stamping’s.100_0049 (640x480).jpg

I gently  heated and filed out the couple of tooth marks.100_0053 (640x480).jpg

I wet sanded the file marks with 500 up to 100 grit paper.100_0055 (640x480).jpg

I then gave the whole stem a go over with 1200 on up to 3000 grit.100_0061 (640x480).jpg

I gave the tenon a light coat of bee’s wax and the whole pipe a rub down with mineral oil.100_0064 (640x480).jpg

I then buffed the stem with brown and white tripoli and gave the whole pipe a few coats of carnauba wax.

Finished pipe,

This side does have a large bland spot of grain on the bottom of bowl.


The other side though is pretty nice.2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg

The Pipe is simply stamped  KB&B Remington / Italian  Briar.10.jpg

I could not find much information or ads  on the  KB&B Remington line of pipes. I’m thinking its just prior to Kaywoodie  line going full production. My guess is its around 1930- 33/34. That’s just a guess though, it could date from 1930’s on up to the 1940’s. There is just not much information on KB&B pipes other than the Kaywoodie and Yello-Bole lines.

I was thinking that they might have been made for the Remington firearm company to sale in their catalog but i could not find anything that supports that theory. Remington was a popular product name in the early 20th century.The most well known besides the firearm is the typewriter.

I have smoked the pipe for a couple of days now ,taking it along with me on the go. The pipe smokes extremely well . I’m very pleased with the Remington and happily add it to my poker collection.100_0100 (640x470).jpg

Til next time ,

Good smokes to you.


6 thoughts on “KB&B Remington Poker Clean Up and Refurbish

  1. A nice addition to your poker collection, Troy. I’d also like to know if they were made for Remington firearms. If I find out, I’ll let you know.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Al and thanks for letting me know if you find anything.


  3. Nice addition. I agree with you on the seller being less than 100% honest is something to be weary of and could put off a new pipe man easily. Shame but there seems to be a lot of them like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great job Troy, it looks great. Phil

    Liked by 1 person

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