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Simple Clean Up and Improvement of a Kaywoodie Relief Grain 02


I have had pretty good run of luck of finding American made pokers that i did not have in my collection yet. Along with the Weber Virgin Deluxe 375 and KB&B Remington (also a Kaywoodie 02 shape) from my previous blog post, i have also acquired this Kaywoodie Relief Grain 02. I do have a Kaywoodie Super Grain  #5102 smooth pipe but i wanted to add a sandblast 02 as well. I won The Relief Grain from Ebay for a very reasonable cost.s-l1600 (640x367).jpg

I have been hopping to find a 4-digt 4 hole drinkless or push stem 02. Sandblast pokers from any pipe company  pre -1950’s though is very hard to find. In fact all the sandblast pokers i have (eight in total ), none are from the pre- 1950’s.

Knowing this was a post 1950’s 3 hole stinger was the only thing i did not like about the pipe. I have had three or so 3 hole stinger Kaywoodie’s and have not liked the way they smoked at all. I ended up trading or selling them. I much prefer a 4 hole stinger. Knowing this though, i wanted the pipe because it was a sandblast 02. In fact i have a couple of post 1950’s Kaywoodie’s i have purchased because the stingers had been hacked off making them much better smoker’s to me.

I could tell from the pictures on Ebay that the pipe was in excellent original condition. The pipe arrived and it looked as good in person as the Ebay pictures. Other than dirty and dusty the pipe had no damage at all. The stem was not even oxidized.100_0103 (640x480).jpg100_0104 (640x480).jpg

I did notice the stem was under clocked slightly.100_0105 (640x480).jpg

From my experience with Kaywoodie’s, under clocked usually means there is corrosion build up not letting the pipe screw in all the way. Sure enough when i unscrewed the stem there was corrosion built up on the stem. A good cleaning it should line up as right as rain.100_0110 (640x480).jpg

The pipes stem and shank was very clean and required not much cleaning. I also scrubbed the out side of the bowl with a mild cleaner, Scotch Brite pad and toothbrush.100_0111 (640x480).jpg

The inside of the bowl chamber has not even been fully broken in yet.100_0113 (640x480).jpg

From my experience with 3 hole Kaywoodie stinger’s i decided to try something on this pipe to help improve it’s smoking ability. I decided to drill out the shank larger to help more air get to the stinger. I found i the largest i could go without harming the female threads in the shank was 3/16 in drill bit.100_0120 (640x480).jpg

So i carefully and slowly drilled it out by hand. 100_0119 (640x480).jpg

From the dry pull i did on the pipe before and after, i can tell the draw is improved.

Think of it like how people Hot Rod a cars carburetor by drilling out the air and fuel inlets to increase air and fuel mixture. Same principle.

I gave the bowl a good scrub down with mineral oil to bring back the color to the briar. I also cleaned the shank collar and threads with 000 steel wool.100_0121 (640x480).jpg100_0125 (640x480).jpg

I gave the stinger a good cleaning with steel wool as well.100_0128 (640x480).jpg

Now with everything clean i checked to see how the clocking was on the stem. It’s straight and true now.100_0130 (640x480).jpg

With that taken care of i proceeded  to wet sand the stem with 800 on up to 2500 grit.100_0135 (640x480).jpg

I gave the stem and bowl anther rub down with mineral oil and give a quick go over to make sure its ready for a buff and wax.100_0136 (640x480).jpg

On sandblast and rusticated pipes i like to heat the pipe over a open flame after three or so coats of wax that i have built up to get into the nooks and crannies real well. After it cools i  will build up three more coats then heat it up again.100_0140 (640x480).jpg

After doing this a couple of times i will let it cool again, then buff it with finishing pad.

Finished Kaywoodie Relief Grain 02.1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg8.jpg9.jpg

I had a hard time getting a clear picture of the stamping’s because of the dark grain that runs through them.10.jpg

Kaywoodie 02 numbers,

02     Poker                    1936-1955, 1960-1972

Relief Grain – 1947-present

Being a 3 hole stinger this pipe is almost certainly a 1960-1972, maybe a mid 50’s when they replaced the 4 hole stinger with the 3 hole but a low chance of that.

Now for the important question ….How does it smoke?

Well drilling out the shank for me has greatly improved the draw. It smokes cool and dry with no gurgles at all and i have been smoking it a lot since i cleaned it up.11.jpg

I really did not want to hack the stinger on this nice original 02 pipe to make it smoke better. I am glad i was able to work around that option.

Til next time ,

Good smokes to you.

3 thoughts on “Simple Clean Up and Improvement of a Kaywoodie Relief Grain 02

  1. Very nice cleanup on a nice looking poker. I like the idea of heating the wax into the briar. It sure looks like it makes for a beautiful and deep finish. I’ve had issues with sandblast finishes before. Thanks for the instruction.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Al nice job. The flaming of the wax is a nice touch. Never thought to try that.

    Liked by 1 person

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