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Refurbish and Re-dye of a Kaywoodie 07 Fine Line


I picked up this Fine Line in a three pipe lot some time ago. It has been waiting  patiently for some attention in my box of projects. It is not a very pretty pipe but i figured maybe i could help it out well enough to make it a beater/work pipe to use regularly with my favorite old codger burley blends.

100_0313 (640x480).jpg100_0314 (640x480).jpg100_0315 (640x480).jpg100_0318 (640x480).jpg

I had about forgot about the pipe. I was looking for another 07  Kaywoodie  to give my Super Grain 07 some rest time. I really like the size, shape and weight of the 07 and smoke my Super Grain very often. In fact too often. Scanning Ebay  for another it dawned on me about the Fine Line 07. So i dug out the old pipe and got to work on it.

The heavy cake came out easy with my dull pocket knife i use for pipe cake and some heavy grit sandpaper.100_0322 (640x480).jpg

I gave the bowl a good cleaning and cleaned all the rim char out of the carving.100_0323 (640x465).jpg100_0325 (640x480).jpg

I then drilled the shank out with a 3/16 inch drill bit. Drilling out the shank helps the Kaywoodie three-hole stingers give a MUCH better smoke in my experience. I also cleaned and polished the female threads with a small round file wrapped with 000 steel wool.

100_0333 (640x480).jpg100_0330 (640x480) (2).jpg100_0337 (640x480).jpg

The stem was not heavily oxidized so all it needed was a rub down with Bar Keepers and a basic cleaning.100_0345 (640x480).jpg

I never thought they gave the Fine Line a dark enough finish. I think line or wirecarved pipes need to be black like a Dr.Grabow Starfire or Belvedere wirecarved models. Wanting to re-dye it black i stripped off the old finish with acetone and alcohol.100_0329 (640x480).jpg

I mixed up some black dye and applied several coats . Letting it dry between.100_0356 (640x480).jpg

While the bowl was drying i sanded the stem and cleaned up the stinger with steel wool.100_0360 (640x480).jpg

Once the stem and bowl were done i put them back together and gave it a good rub down with mineral oil.100_0362 (640x480) (2).jpg

A little buff and wax on the wheel she is done. I think it looks  much better full on black.100_0368 (640x479).jpg100_0369 (640x480).jpg100_0371 (640x480).jpg100_0372 (640x480).jpg100_0373 (640x480).jpg100_0374 (640x480).jpg100_0376 (640x480).jpg100_0377 (640x480).jpg100_0378 (640x472).jpg

Fine Lines were made between 1956 and 1976 on and off. The 07 large billiard shape was made between 1927-1972. This puts the pipe between 1956-1972.

I have been smoking the pipe for a couple of days now and  it is a great smoker. 100_0382 (640x473).jpg

Fine Lines are one of the least desirable of the Kaywoodie models and since i was gonna use this as a regular beater/work pipe i was tempted to cut the stinger on it. The Super Grain 07 i have came with a cut stinger. It smokes great and is easily cleaned after smoking, but this smokes so well now that I am gonna just leave it as is.

Til next time ,

Good smokes to you.


9 thoughts on “Refurbish and Re-dye of a Kaywoodie 07 Fine Line

  1. Beautiful restoration, looks brand spanking new.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. I was pretty pleased how it turned out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another winner, Troy. Very nice work. I love wire cut finishes, and now I love fine lines too. At first I thought the shank was wrapped with fine linen string like a pool cue. Very unique pipe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I like them too but have only smoked the Dr.Grabow wirecarved models , this is my first Kaywoodie Fine Line. I ‘m really enjoying it and wouldn’t mind another.


  4. Reblogged this on Papaw's Pipes and commented:
    As Troy mentions, the Fine Line isn’t a real popular line; I don’t own a single one. But after seeing his changed-up 07 I might reconsider that.

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  5. That really did make a nice change in that pipe. I reblogged this and may change my mind on the Fine Line series.

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  6. Thank you Greg.
    They were not my favorite as well . Going full black on them seems to make them less “busy” looking , if that makes sense.


  7. Definitely better in black! Great looking pipe Troy.

    Liked by 1 person

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