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Linkman/Dr.Grabow “Special” #4901 Refurbish


I picked up this Linkman/Dr.Grabow “Special” Italian Briar 4901 off Ebay , beating off one other bidder. Other than being dirty it looked in excellent condition with nice stamping’s. Being a propeller emblem Linkman/Dr.Grabow i knew it was a pre 1944.s-l1600 (640x479).jpg

I had been looking for a nice #01 shape and recently let a push stem #01 “Olde London” slip through my fingers on Etsy. I’m still kicking myself for that one so i made sure to go after this one.

The pipe arrived a few days later and there was no big surprises. Although i did think the #01 was a large billiard but it turns out its a medium sized billiard. 5 1/2 inches long  x  1 5/8 inch tall is the dimensions.100_0388 (640x480).jpg100_0389 (640x480).jpg100_0392 (640x480).jpg

Upon inspecting the pipe it had been well smoked but not beat up. The shank was completely plugged as well as the stem.

I got rid of all the old cake with a dull knife and heavy grit paper.100_0395 (640x480).jpg

I ran a drill bit through the shank to unclog it.100_0397 (640x480).jpg

The pipe was VERY  dirty! Did i mention the pipe was DIRTY?

After several soaks ( changing to clean  alcohol  three times ) i finally got the stem cleaned as well as the shank and bowl. It took several tries with bristle cleaners before i could get a pipe cleaner to pass through the stem. I had well over a hour just cleaning  the inner workings of the pipe. The pipe was so clogged that the stem was under clocked about a 1/8 of a turn. I had to break out a extra can of elbow grease on this step.

100_0402 (640x480).jpg

I next tackled the rim char with a piece of green pad soaked in Oxy-Clean and warm water.100_0403 (640x480).jpg100_0408 (640x480).jpg

I wiped down the outside of the bowl with a paper towel sprayed with mild detergent and water to remove the grimy surface.100_0409 (640x480).jpg

I went over the bowl with a piece of 2500 grit paper and mineral oil. Staying away from the stamping’s.100_0412 (640x480).jpg

I filed out some minor chatter and gave the stem a good wet sanding. 500 grit over the file marks and whole stem with 600-2500 grit.100_0414 (640x480).jpg100_0416 (640x480).jpg

Before buff and wax i wiped the stem and bowl down with mineral oil and let it soak in.100_0420 (640x480).jpg

A buff and wax on the wheel and she is done.1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg100_0425 (640x480).jpg100_0426 (640x480).jpg100_0427 (640x480).jpg100_0428 (640x480).jpg

For a Linkman the walls of the chamber are a little thicker than normal.

100_0432 (640x480).jpg100_0435 (640x480).jpg100_0438 (640x480).jpg

Bottom side of stinger.100_0440 (640x480).jpg

Linkman’s had several stamping’s on their pipes so lets break them down.

Left side

Linkman’s/Dr.Grabow……the Linkman was dropped somewhere around 1944 . They also dropped the propeller and went to the spade emblem on the stem.

100_0443 (640x356).jpg

Right side

4901   Special/Italian Briar………….01 is the shape number.

SPECIAL (or Special Italian Briar) post-1937, begins with 43, 49, 1937 or previous, may not be marked as such, begins with 43, 44, 49 Series 43 = Natural Finish (DG), c1937. Series 44 = Dark Finish (DG), c1937. Series 49 = Walnut Finish (DG), c1937.

To be honest i could not see any finish on the pipe as it looks natural to me.

100_0453 (640x378).jpg


Pat.No. 1896800

PAT. NO. (over) 1896800, block lettering, 3/8” wide, 1/8” tall, c1933-42

100_0452 (640x543).jpg

From my decipher of the stamping’s the pipe was made roughly between 1937-1942.

I have smoked a couple of bowls in the pipe now and find it a excellent, cool smoking pipe. Of all the non-removable stinger pipes i find the Linkman’s the best smokers. I find the old school burley’s burn the best in them too.100_0457 (640x470) (2).jpg

Til next time,

Good smokes to you.

5 thoughts on “Linkman/Dr.Grabow “Special” #4901 Refurbish

  1. The work you do on the stingers of you pipes is amazing, they look factory fresh. Nice work once again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with PR on the stinger work. I like the way you got the tars and crud off of the rim. Never tried a scrubby with Oxyclean before, but will now. Beautiful pipe, Troy. Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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