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1946-1948 NOS Royalton Tru-Line

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I picked up this unsmoked NOS (new old stock) Henry Leonard & Thomas, Inc. (HLT) made Royalton off Etsy. HLT was also the manufacturer of Linkman and early Dr.Grabow pipes.1.jpg

This is one the first HLT lines if not the first to use the new Ajustomatic stem.Van Roy pipes was first to use the Ajustomatic  same stem patent during the 1940’s but HLT had not purchased the Van Roy company yet as they did later on (around 1953). Both used the D. Lavietes  Ajustomatic stem patent.

This one is stamped with patent pending .13.jpg

That means the pipe dates between 1946-1948 ( if you want to be real technical as late as Feb. 1949)

The “Ajustomatic” stem joint is US Patent #2,461,905. Patent application was filed January 25, 1946, by David P. Lavietes, of Boone, N.C. He received his patent on February 15, 1949.
The patent documents for the Ajustomatic say D. Lavietes of Boone, NC applied to patent the feature January 25, 1946. It wasn’t patented until February 15, 1949, so  the Ajustomatic pipes between 1946-1948 would have been stamped “Ajustomatic Pat. Pend.”

The Royalton was one of the top of the line pipes for HLT.

Here is a picture of the Royalton Tru-Line sales board it came off of.

il_570xN.1061887790_9uoq (437x675).jpg

The pipe is a small billiard measuring 5 inches long by 1 1/2 inches tall. It has really nice grain and i could not find any fills on it. It also has the smoothest Ajustomatic stem i have ever used , even comparing it too some other NOS Ajustomatic pipes i have picked up over the years. This is by far the oldest NOS Ajustomatic i have ever owned. I have a Van Roy  Ajustomatic from about the same year ( was not NOS when i got ) and its no where near as smooth as this Royalton. Even after restored and oiled.2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg8.jpg9.jpg

The Royalton has a removable cleaner. The draw is excellent even with cleaner installed. It has a rather large opening in the metal tenon than usual screw in stems. A regular later model Dr.Grabow removable spoon bit is too small to fit in the Royalton.10.jpg11.jpg


I have not smoked the Royalton yet, but plan on breaking it in soon with a few bowls of 5 Brothers.100_1630 (800x600).jpg

The Royalton is still manufactured by Dr.Grabow today in Sparta,North Carolina although it does not use the Ajustomatic stem anymore like this one. The stems are no longer black but only come in a colored swirl pattern.

Until  Next Time,

Good Smoke’s To You.



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