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Smoke Master Sandblast Large Billiard


On my earlier blog about Wimbledon coupon pipes i touched upon the Smoke Master  pipes. I recently acquired a Smoke Master sandblast so i figured i would feature it on Baccy Pipes as well.

Smoke Master was originally a pipe offered by Briarcraft but by 1950 they had closed their doors. In the 1960’s Dr.Grabow purchased the rights to manufacture the Smoke Master and made them up until the mid 1990’s. They were offered from coupons , mail order and catalogs.

Here is a coupon from a box of Union Leader from my collection.100_1978 (640x613).jpg100_1979 (640x399).jpg100_1980 (640x429).jpg

It has a early bar code so i would say it is most likely from around mid-late 1970’s.100_1981 (640x309).jpg

Here is a order form that was sent to you with the initial pipe purchase in case you wanted another pipe you could pick out the shape as well.Smokemaster+Bard+RJM+ad.jpg

Smoke Master used a unique system where you used a pipe cleaner as a filter. Smokemaster+Bard+DRB+ad.jpg

Even though the bottom says Briarcraft this is a Dr.Grabow instruction sheet because of the N.C. address.

The Smoke Master pipe was also advertised on Dill pipe cleaners.05-10-2010+08;51;17PM.JPG

Here is the Smoke Master sandblast i restored with the Union Leader box and coupon.100_1983 (640x475).jpg

The pipe was in great shape and just needed a good cleaning and a couple of small tooth marks filled in. Even though its not shape stamped i know from experience that it is a  Dr.Grabow shape #69 large Billiard. I would say this pipe is from around the same time as my Wimbledon ,late 1970’s to early 1980’s.

100_1951 (640x415).jpg100_1954 (640x417).jpg100_1956 (640x523).jpg100_1957 (640x615).jpg100_1958 (640x506).jpg100_1961 (599x640).jpg100_1963 (640x459).jpg100_1964 (640x594).jpg100_1972 (640x357).jpg

It is simply stamped Smoke Master/ Sandblast on bottom of shank.100_1975 (640x296).jpg100_1988 (640x416).jpg

A close up of the unique pipe cleaner/tube filter system .100_1989 (640x372).jpg

This is my first Smoke Master so it was also my first time trying out the pipe cleaner filter system.100_1994 (640x470).jpg

It does work well and deliver’s  a very dry smoke. The draw at initial light up was kinda restricted but after getting it going and down about a 1/4 way it really started smoking better. The draw with the tube and cleaner removed is very open and is probably the way i would prefer to smoke it since i smoke drier non aromatic tobaccos. If i did smoke wet and bitey tobacco a lot i say this would be a ideal system to use.

Here is a comparison photo of my Smoke Master and Wimbldeon (bottom) sandblast pipes together. As you can see the Wimbledon uses a smaller diamond inlay than the Smoke Master and it sports a shorter stem on this particular pipe.

100_1991 (640x511).jpg

To see the post about Wimbledon pipes here is a link.

There was also a Smoke Master Super Sandblast ( also stamped Super Sandblast).Smokemaster+Bard+RJM+ae.jpg

It looks to use a larger diamond inlay  than a regular sandblast. I have not found one of these yet but i have been keeping my eye out for one.

Here is a order form for one as well.Smokemaster+Bard+RJM+af.jpg

Well i hope you will enjoy the information i have posted on my Smoke Master pipe.

Until Next Time,

Good Smokes To you.


4 thoughts on “Smoke Master Sandblast Large Billiard

  1. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    I love these old pieces of American Tobacciana as they give us a glimpse of another era. Thanks Troy for posting this and the documentation that goes along with the pipe. Cheers. Well done brother.

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  2. Thank you very much ,Steve. Glad you enjoy them as much as i do.


  3. An extra nice pipe. Especially as it is in one of my favorite shapes and sizes. I love the history that goes along with it too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks, and thank you for the unopened Union Leader. Well was unopened 😉


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