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NOS Heritage Antique #72 Canadian


I was able to find this NOS ( New Old Stock)  Heritage Antique #72 Canadian just recently.
100_2413 (640x324).jpg

This is a pipe that has been on my bucket list for a while. After picking up my Heritage Heirloom 02 poker ( the pipe I use on the Baccy Pipes header ) exactly two years ago this month I started looking for a nice Heritage Antique to go with it. A #72 ( Kaywoodie shape) Canadian was my first choice. Luckily I was able to find this one for a very reasonable price. I would have paid more than double the price or most likely pass on it if it was on EBAY ,ETSY or a big name pipe shop.

Here is a brief history of Heritage pipes in case you are unfamiliar with them.

In May of 1960, S. M. Frank started a subsidiary company called Heritage Pipes. The Heritage pipes were an upscale line of push bit pipes meant to compliment the Kaywoodie line. Although not hugely successful, Heritage produced some fine pipes that are still in the collections of many pipe smokers. This company was dissolved on December 31, 1971.These pipes were Kaywoodie’s high end line and were made in the 1960’s and ended production in 1970. The Heritage Heirloom line was run by Stephen Ogdon who came from Dunhill. Only about 1 in 300 pieces of briar was good enough to use in the Heritage Heirloom line, and only top of the line Para rubber was used for the stems.

Heritage Heirlooms were the smooth version ( like the poker in the header) and the sandblast are called Heritage Antique.The Heritage pipes are not that common and quite collectible. Made in limited numbers and only a 10 year span. They are often referred to as American Dunhill’s.

I found this ad showing a Antique billiard from a 1964 Flying Magazine issue.HH ad 1964 (2) (248x468).jpg

The pipe arrived and I was pleasantly surprised at how short it was for a Canadian. Although the bowl was a average #72 size ( 1 3/4 inches tall) the pipe was barley 5 inches long, along with a small diameter oval shank and stem. 100_2416 (640x439).jpg100_2412 (640x373).jpg

Talk about light and comfortable! The pipe barely weights anything.

Only thing I did to the pipe was give a good dusting, a wipe down with mineral oil  and a very light sanding on the stem with some fine grit paper.100_2420 (640x480).jpg

After that a light buff on the stem and a coat of fresh wax over the whole pipe.100_2422 (640x440).jpg100_2432 (640x480).jpg

The Heritage Antique is now ready for some service.1.jpg



For size comparison here is the heritage #72 next to one of my KB&B Yello-Bole standard size #72 Canadian’s.100_2466 (640x440).jpg

I did give the bowl a thin honey and carbon coat to aid in breaking in before smoking some C&D burley in it.10.jpg

I’m on about the tenth bowl so far and its breaking in really well. Again it is very light and comfortable. This is the lightest Canadian I own now and is quickly becoming my most favorite one. Its just needs a bit more breaking in too really make it a top smoker.

Until  Next Time ,

Good Smokes To You.



9 thoughts on “NOS Heritage Antique #72 Canadian

  1. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    I have always had a fondness for the Heritage line of pipes that were put out as upscale pipes to go along with Kaywoodie pipes. Troy has done a great job on this new old stock and the information he includes is worth the read. Thanks Troy.

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  2. Thank you Steve
    They are one of the best lines of American factory pipes ever made, I think so anyway.


  3. Damn…nice catch!

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  4. A darn nice one Troy. A top of the line American pipe finally getting put to the use it was made for by a person that can appreciate it. By the way, that Yello-Bole Canadian ain’t shabby either!

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  5. My tobacconist has about 10 un-smoked smooth and rustic Heritage pipes. I just bought a Canadian Bulldog of all things for $58. Amazing deal and pipe, thanks for turning me onto them! I have to get the rest!

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