Baccy Pipes

Baccy Pipes

Hello all !

Welcome to my world of everything related to pipe smoking.

I enjoy pipe smoking, collecting and refurbishing old pipes. I mostly collect  or try to collect pre-1955 American made pipes. My favorite shapes and styles you will see mostly on here is straight stem billiards and pokers. KBB Yello Boles, Linkman/ Dr. Grabow’s  and Kaywoodies are the most common of my collection and collecting, but you will see other  American makes,shapes and styles with even a non American pipe thrown in the mix on occasion. I have posted my refurbished pipes on other sites (mostly Dr.Grabow Collectors Forum and Rebornpipes) so i may pull one of those out  every so often and just do a showcase piece on a certain pipe. I like to share to my tips and tricks i have learned on refurbishing pipes. I will also post links to other peoples work and techniques that i think would be  interesting and a worthwhile read. I may also list a pipe or two that I am willing to trade and or sale.

I will not limit my posting to just pipes .I may give a tobacco review on occasion or share a home blend i have come up with as i do tinker around some with home tobacco blending.

I’m also a fan of American history,classic movies, books and music. If i see something related to pipe smoking in any of those categories and think its a worth while mention it might also find its  way on on here .

I live in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and where I am at a lot of the rural mountain people (like me) call tobacco ,baccy……  hence the name Baccy Pipes .

I hope everyone will enjoy and find something here that is interesting and helpful in the world of pipes and pipe smoking.


23 thoughts on “Baccy Pipes

  1. What a cool idea Troy. I like this a lot.

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  2. very cool. I’m looking forward to watching the new site grow, and see more of those great resto’s.

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  3. Great blog Troy. Nicely done.

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  4. Troy, Nice blog you have built. I’ll be spending some time to check out the posts presented. Like what I see so far! John

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  5. Wow Troy, you’ve put in a lot of work here and it looks awesome!!! I’ve read a couple of the articles and will be back to enjoy more.
    Take care my friend,

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  6. I can’t seem to find a way to subscribe to your blog. Currently, I only see them when Steve reposts – am I missing something?

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  7. Stuck “Adjustomatic” stem (Dr. Grabow). Tried your method today on two estate Dr. Grabow pipes with frozen adjustomatic stems and it worked beautifully! Now I have another problem for you – I have a beautiful Dr. Grawbow Standard model small pot with a frozen adjustomatic stem in place. You can adjusted the angle of stem as normal but you cannot separate the stem from the shank. Do you know a solution? Thanks for your help.

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    • Try sticking in a freezer for a few hours to overnight. The metal will contract and hopefully it will unscrew. When you unscrew it try applying downward pressure as you try to unscrew it.
      If that fails to work there is another way to try, but its a last resort. Wrap a thick cloth around stem and shank (where they join) and use a channel lock or visegrip where it just applies pressure through the vulcanite to the metal tenon and turn. This can cause damage to the pipe if not careful if not protected enough with the cloth or done too tight it will leave teeth marks on the briar, collar and stem and they are a pain to get rid of.

      I belong to the Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum, come on by and join we will be glad to help you out with these kind of problems on your Grabow pipes.

      Here is a link


  8. Hi TRoy !

    how can I subscribe ?



  9. Hey Troy,
    Just popping by and hope you’re doing well.

    Tom Douglas (Ted) passed in December. 😦




    • Sorry i did not reply sooner i have not been on my blog in quite a while. Ive had some personal issues that has kept me from doing much on pipes, but its nothing that wont pass.

      Sorry to hear about Ted , he was a great guy. Ill smoke one of the pipes he gave me tonight in remembrance.


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