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A Simple Carter Hall Home Blend


I thought i would share one of my favorite and simplest home blends.

Carter Hall is one of the most beloved of all the OTC blends there is, with countless pipe smokes who use it as a all day smoke. I for one am one of those pipe smokers.


Like all OTC’s though it can be a little light for my taste and i like a little more nicotine in my pipe blends . I came up with this very simple home blend that is surprisingly good and adds a little kick to Carter Hall.

Get yourself a tub of Carter Hall  of course (you can use smaller amounts if you like but i always buy it buy the tub). I always dump my tub on a large tray i have and spread it out before i smoke it . Let it air dry for about at least two hours. This let’s the chemicals OTC’s use for preserving the taste and moisture evaporate out of it. Now you want have that chemical background taste.

Next add 10-20% cigar leaf .Roughly 1-3 ounces . Two ounces is about the sweet spot for me .

I prefer Maduro . You can pick up Maduro leaf from any online retailer in bulk or you can finely chop up a favorite cigar you prefer .

Mix the tobacco thoroughly and stuff  it back in the tub and let it sit for at least a couple of days to allow the tobacco’s too mingle.

That’s it.

Now this wont make Carter Hall taste like a cigar it just adds a smokey , creamy layer to it with a little nicotine boost as well as a little depth.

This is one of my favorite home blends that i never tire of .Everyone i know who has tried this and are Carter Hall fans has been very positive about it.

If you ever tried John Patton’s Storm Front and like it then you will like this home blend. To me they are almost identical.

Well i hope you give this a try sometime and let me know what you think of it .

2 thoughts on “A Simple Carter Hall Home Blend

  1. Troy I have used cut up Maduro and cut up Cuban cigars to spice up many OTC tobaccos. It is also good in PA. Good writeup!

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  2. Thanks Steve .
    I add a little Maduro to quite a few of my favorite blends . It certainly adds some nice depth to them .


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