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In Memory of Edward James AKA Ozark Southpaw 1950-2017


The recent passing of Edward James AKA Ozark Southpaw was some sorrowful news not only to me but all the members of the Dr.Grabow Collectors Forum where he was a long time member, moderator and mentor too many of us . He was also a member of other pipe forums around the internet.7843312_orig.jpg

Ed had the best Dr.Grabow collection in the world as far as i know , even building a Skyliner (behind him in the picture shown) with all the correct pipes. A quest that took him years of searching for good quality originals. He also had a multitude of Linkman’s among other various makes and rare pipes and tobacciana.

Not only was he a master collector , pipe restorer, pipe and tamper maker but he was a wonderful human being as well. He always was wiling to answer questions , help solve problems and give wonderful tips to people having pipe issues or guidance in restoring a pipe.

Sadly I never did get to meet Ed in person but spent many a conversation on old pipes made during and before World War II. We also shared a love for old cars ,especially Mopars (Dodge , Plymouth ,Chrysler).

I also never got Ed to commission me a pipe or tamper but i did acquire a few parts i needed for restoration work on pipes from him.We also exchanged ,traded and gifted each other tobacco from time to time.

One of my first Linkman pipes i ever got was a  early 1940’s era #9732 that was missing a stem that fellow Dr.Grabow Forum member Tim Pollock gave me. After posting that i was looking for a Linkman Canadian parts stem that may work on it , Ed sent me a message saying that just send me the pipe and I’ll make you a stem with correct stinger, inlaid propeller emblem for free. Touched by his kindness i sent him the pipe and a couple of tins of tobacco as a gift. A few weeks later it returned not only with a a stem like a factory original, it was even better! He had made the stem out of German Ebonite.

Here is a few pictures i have taken of the pipe during the few years now that i have owned it.1.jpg5.jpg4.jpg2.jpg


100_7967 (640x480).jpg

11 (800x600).jpg

100_4630 (800x456).jpg100_4654 (800x600).jpg

The pipe has been very special to me since ,but now i consider it priceless with his passing.

Ed was a avid Carter Hall smoker , its pretty much what he smoked 95% of time i would say. In fact for the longest time its hard for me not to see a tub or pouch of Carter Hall and not think of Ed.

From now on as long as I live and own the Linkman Canadian it will never have another tobacco in it but Carter Hall as a honor to Ed’s memory.

Here’s to you Ed , thank you for being a mentor and mostly a friend.  RIP100_2245 (640x485).jpg



8 thoughts on “In Memory of Edward James AKA Ozark Southpaw 1950-2017

  1. Troy, you did a great job in capturing Ed. He was a great man and a good friend. I too have stories of his kindness. Just his past Christmas I commissioned Ed to make a Morta pipe for me. He did a superb job and I smoke that too in his honor and his memory. Thanks for posting this Troy.

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  2. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Troy has written a great memorial piece on good friend, pipe mentor and stellar repairman – Ed James. I could not have said it any better. Thanks Troy.

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  3. Your welcome and thank you Steve, Ed will sorely be missed by many in the pipe community.


  4. Thank you Troy,

    I keep stumbling over his posts on all the time and allthough we of course never met it saddens me .
    I think he was a fountain of knowledge and so kind, such a gentleman. Never spoke one bad word about anything or anyone.

    RIP dear Ed, you’ll be sorely missed indeed.

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  5. I never knew Ed, but inasmuch as my deceased father was a long-time confirmed Carter Hall smoker, I’m sure they’re smoking it together happily somewhere.

    Bury me with my pipes and tobacco and I’ll be satisfied.

    RIP Ed

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  6. I couldn’t have said it any better Troy. Our friend will be missed by a lot of folks.

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  7. Well done Troy , Ed was a great man .

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  8. Having just learned of Ed’s untimely padding this morning, during a rare foray into internet pipe searching, I can only say I am heartbroken.
    One of the kindest men you could ever meet, either in person have a conversation while smoking various bowls of Carter Hall, thanks Ed a pouch is always on hand here, or just back and forth on the pipe forums discussing how to fix a stuck ajustomatic, or getting the ghost of Mixture 79 out of a lold well loved pipe, he always had a valuable insight.
    If it was a problem that a novice would have difficulty tackling, there was always an offer from Ed to send him you broken pipe, and you always had it returned with at the least a solid repair, a beautiful shine job, or even a refinish, if it looked like it needed it.
    Anyone that ever had the priveledge to know the man, in the slightest bit will miss him dearly.


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