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Pipe smoking in the movies… “Spitfire” (1942)

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I’m a huge classic movie buff  and a lot of the old movies i watch has quite a bit of pipe smoking in them . I thought i would share one of my favorites .

Spitfire (1942) is based on the true life story of R.J . Mitchell . British plane designer who designed the WWII fighter Spitfire .The plane became a legend in the battle of Britain. The Spitfire was powered by the equally legendary Rolls Royce Merlin engine .


The Merlin would later power the famous American P- 51 D Mustang. Allowing the US Army Air Corps fighter pilots to escort B-17 bombers all the way to the heart of Germany and back.


Not only is it a good movie but lots of pipe smoking in it, from Dunhill’s to corn cobs.

The movie was produced and directed by famous British actor Leslie Howard  (a real life pipe smoker), who also stars in it. Some of you will recognize Leslie Howard from “Gone with the Wind”.  Other famous British actor David Niven  also acts and co -stars with Howard in the film.David Niven was also a real life WWII combat veteran and was dropped behind enemy lines including the D-Day invasion of Normandy.


The movie in Britain  is called “First of the Few”,but was released in the US as “Spitfire”. Here is WIKI link about it.

Give it a watch sometime , i think most will enjoy it.

If you watch it, let me know what you think of the movie in the comments.


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