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Simple Refurbish of a Kaywoodie Standard 22


Last week a fellow member of the Dr.Grabow Collectors Forum (Ted) sent me a email asking if i would be interested in a Kaywoodie 22 he had. He said i could have it for free of charge. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth i replied ,sure i would gladly take it.

I arrived quickly and after a quick look over i could see it was a excellent condition pipe. Just a good basic cleaning is all the 22 needed.100_0553 (640x480).jpg100_0555 (640x480).jpg100_0559 (640x480).jpg

I have a couple of 22’s in Yello -Bole but none in Kaywoodie so i was glad to add this to my collection.

The 22 shape was made for several years according to my chart.

22    Medium billiard long stem          1931-1972

From the three hole stinger and the feel of the stem i would say this is most likely a 70’s model. Maybe as early as a late 60’s.

Since the cake in the bowl was very thin i left it alone and moved to drilling out the shank with a 3/16 inch drill bit for better airflow.100_0562 (640x480).jpg

I gave the  bowl and stem a good cleaning and removed the rim cake.100_0565 (640x480).jpg

After cleaning i went ahead and gave the chamber a thin coat of syrup/carbon and gave it a rub down with mineral oil. I let the bowl set out in  the hot sun for a couple of hours.This will help the bowl coating dry, the mineral oil to soak in and for the alcohol i cleaned it with evaporate.100_0567 (640x480).jpg

While the bowl soaked in the summer sun i gave the stem a good wet sanding with 1000 grit on up to 2800. The stem had no major tooth marks or such so the sanding did not take long.

100_0571 (640x480).jpg

I went ahead and bored out the three hole stinger with a old round file for better airflow. Cleaned off the burs and polished it with 000 steel wool.

100_0576 (640x480).jpg100_0580 (640x479).jpg

With bowl and stem done i gave it another rub down with mineral oil and gave it one last look over before buff and wax .100_0583 (640x480).jpg

After a quick buff and wax on the wheel the 22 is done.100_0584 (640x474).jpg100_0586 (640x480).jpg100_0587 (640x480).jpg100_0588 (640x480).jpg100_0589 (640x480).jpg100_0591 (640x480).jpg100_0594 (620x640).jpg100_0595 (640x467).jpg100_0599 (640x338).jpg

The 22 is a great little smoker. I’ll use it for my Dark Fired Kentucky blends as large bowls tend to turn bitter after a long smoke. I’ve already put a couple of bowls of  PS Amsterdam through it and it delivered a fine smoke.100_0604 (640x470).jpg

Thank you Ted for the Kaywoodie ill enjoy it often.

Til next time ,

Good smokes to you.

3 thoughts on “Simple Refurbish of a Kaywoodie Standard 22

  1. Another nice job, Troy. Love the make those stingers look like new, and get them to work better in the process.

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  2. Oops. I meant to say love the way you make those stingers look like new, and get them to work better in the process. It’s too hot out and Ts frying my brain.

    Liked by 1 person

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