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Re-Dye of a Dr.Grabow Starfire Wirecarved #85



Some time back i was thinning  out my herd of  Dr.Grabow’s that i never smoke anymore.

I had this Westbrook #21 and sent it of as a gift to a friend of mine on The Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum. He had mentioned he was looking for a # 21 shape and since i never smoked mine i thought he should have it .

100_2234 (640x306).jpg

In his kindness he sent me back this  Dr. Grabow Starfire #85 by surprise . I have owned more #85 pokers than any other Dr.Grabow shape ( 30+), so I’m sure he thought it would have a good home as well.

100_5435 (640x480).jpg100_5437 (640x480).jpg

It was clean as a whistle and is in excellent shape. The finish was getting a little thin and i like my black wirecarving black ,not semi black .
So i did a little cosmetic work on it .

I stripped off the old wax with a light scrub of Oxy-Clean , warm water and a Scotch -Brite pad. I then mixed up purple and black dye for a two stage wirecarved color match.

100_5439 (640x480).jpg

I gave the bowl two good coats of  dark purple.100_5441 (640x480).jpg100_5442 (640x480).jpg

After drying i added two real thin coats (drying between coats) of black to let the purple show through.

100_5444 (640x480).jpg

While the bowl was drying i filed out one small tooth mark and sanded the stem with 600-2500 grit.

100_5445 (640x480).jpg

Bowl and stem back together after a wipe down and drying of  mineral oil and final inspection before going to the buffer.

100_5448 (640x480).jpg

Pipe after buff and wax.


The pipe is a great smoker and a fine addition to my Dr.Grabow #85 collection.

Thank you OB (Old Briar).

Til next time,

Good smokes to you.


2 thoughts on “Re-Dye of a Dr.Grabow Starfire Wirecarved #85

  1. Very nice stain job, Troy. I’ve always liked the wire carved Starfires.

    Liked by 1 person

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