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Hearth & Home – Stogie (Signature Series)


I’m a fan of cigar leaf blends and have tried most of the non latakia blends on the market but for some expensive European ones. With a little patience the Hearth and Home Stogie is one of the best of them all.

download (225x225)

Tin Description: Here’s a great transition for the cigar smoker who wants to smoke a pipe but would miss the flavor of a cigar, or for the pipe smoker who enjoys the occasional stogie. The blend uses a blend of burleys (including dark-fired), some Virginia and Oriental, a touch of unflavored Black Cavendish and Perique and Maduro cigar leaf for a mildly sweet, earthy flavor.

Burley.Dark Fired Kentucky,Virginia,Oriental, Unflavored Cavendish,Perique and Maduro……whats not to like about that!

It does have a cigar type taste and feel to it but you know you are smoking a pipe tobacco.

There is some great reviews of it

My favorite review is of course JimInks. Again he nails the review of it to me and i could not write it any better.

Reviewed by JimInks

The very tasty maduro cigar leaf is the same used in H&H’s Virginia Spice, and is ably complimented by the unflavored black cavendish in regard to sweetness. The perique is more plum than pepper, and interacts nicely with the Oriental/Turkish, which, while a minor player, provides a necessary bass flavor hit. The burleys are toasty and a little nutty. The Virginia is lightly sweet and grassy, acting as a base for the other components to play off. A well blended smoke with some complexity that burns well with no dottle, no harsh spots, and no cigarette or ashy notes. It’s a three star plus mixture.


One thing that is not listed in the reviews that i came across , it does has some bite fresh from the tin. Well quite a bit of bite to me and I’m not  that easily bitten by tobacco.

After letting the 8 oz tin breathe for a bit it did help the bite and mellowed out some . I did remove it from the tin and cellared it in a large glass jar. Every so often i break into it and try a bowl or two. The more age the better and smoother it has become.

Yesterday i  tried a bowl after about six months in the jar and it has really become a much better blend . The bite has all but gone away and has become a superb cigar blend . I recommend some aging of at least 6 months on Hearth and Homes Stogie if you are interested in trying it .

If most cigars tasted this good i would smoke them all the time.

*Update 3/4/2016 ….. I just tried to order some more and have been informed from the people at Pipes and Cigars that this blend has been discontinued I’m sad to say.*

2 thoughts on “Hearth & Home – Stogie (Signature Series)

  1. Nice review, Troy. I have tried cigars with pipe tobacco blends in them, like the ones Spectre makes, and I did not enjoy them very much. Something about smoking a pipe in cigar form that doesn’t quite do it for me. I may try this cigar blend from H&H as their other blends are quite good.

    Normally, I am a cigar smoker in summer and a pipe smoker from fall till spring. Don’t know why, but it seems to work for me.

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  2. Thanks Al
    I hope you find Stogie to your liking if you try it .
    I like to smoke a Onyx Reserve cigar every now and then , they are my favorite and pretty much the only ones i like to smoke,


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