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A Workingman’s Nosewarmer


I have a couple of nosewarmer’s and i very much like smoking them but there are small bowls. The length of the smokes i get from them has always been a sort of disappointment.
I like a nosewarmer for a work pipe as i don’t bang them into stuff and jar my teeth silly with them.
Going through my Yello Bole parts box i found some parts that would be just the ticket for what i was wanting in a larger bowl nosewarmer.
A nice pre -1955  KB&B Yello Bole large billiard sandblast bowl with a short shank.

The bowl ive had for a while . Other than having a broken shank ,its very clean and all i did was give it a dusting . I think it was broke right after someone did a good cleaning on it .The little saddle bit and yellow collar came off a couple of other parts pipes

Since im going to dye the repair back black i went ahead to colored in the break with a black sharpie .It should help hide the repair. I did swab the repair area with alcohol to make sure there was no contaminants too hinder the bond of the glue.

I then glued the broken piece back on the shank with some CA glue picked up at Harbor Freight. I find it a excellent glue and a good value. It is a watery type non- gel and dries very fast but bonds extremely well.

I then applied some glue in the inner shank , overlapping the cracks to help give it a secure repair.

Sanded the repair following the edge of the sandblast with 600 -1000 grit .

Then i applied some black dye to the repair area .

While the dye was drying i went to work on the stem . I started by filling the chatter.

There was a deep tooth mark on the bottom of saddle bit.

The tooth dent went up into airway of the bit so i filled it down and opened up the slot some for a better draw.

I then filled the dent with a little carbon and glue. Then gave the stem a good sanding with 500- 2000 grit.

The tenon fit  the bowl perfect but the stem is not a perfect register.

Adding the yellow collar will help rectify that problem .

I sanded the collar for a better fit .

Pipe is now ready for a little buff and wax.

Finished pipe

The pipe ended up being 4 inches long. The bowl is a good 1 3/4 inches tall.

Now the pipe is no show pipe by any means but will be excellent for a pocket pipe to carry while outside , working on projects or even on a fishing or hunting trip.

I just wanted to show that you can make you a good everyday pipe for very little cost while keeping those rare, cherished and expensive pipes at home where they are safe and secure .
I got to try out this pipe today after i got home from my job and needed to do a little work on our small family farm . It smoked wonderful and just what i was looking for. It fits perfect in a shirt pocket and provides a good long cool smoke.

14 thoughts on “A Workingman’s Nosewarmer

  1. Cool repair Troy, I like it.

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  2. Nice going on that. The cracked shank repair is nice. Keep us posted on how the wood glue holds up to the moisture of much smoking! Either way you got a nice little pocket pipe!

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  3. Thanks Steve .
    The CA glue im using is the best ive used so far . Although a watery type and dries extremely fast it is the best bonding glue ive used . Im very happy with it . I purchased it from Harbor Freight.
    Ive pretty much smoked the pipe non stop for going on two days now and its holding fine.


  4. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    Good use of an old bowl that many would have thrown away. Well done Troy!

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  5. Nice job. That does look like a good size for outdoor pocket carry, but still a decent sized bowl.

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  6. Superb save on that one, Troy!

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  7. Nice work and a great save. I reread this again to see how you did your shank repair. I think I am going to try to repair that GBD I received from Gary, that had a broken chunk off the shank. But, seeing as the big jerk didn’t send me the broken off piece I will find a plan B. Thanks for showing your process.

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  8. Your very welcome Wayne.
    Good luck with your repair on the GBD.


  9. I’m playing catch-up again, Troy. So, I just now saw this. That’s a great repair and a nice modification to the pipe. I really dig the yellow ring accent. Like you, a love a good nosewarmer with a full size bowl. Looks like you have yourself a fine specimen!

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  10. Thanks Anthony
    Its a fine smoking little pipe, I have used it quite a bit since i repaired it .


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